CLEARX - The Complete Acne System

CLEARX Acne Solution fights acne root causes and triggers with 3-step complete system that Cleanses, Treats, Protects and Repairs your skin 24x7.

Rs. 7,000,
Now Rs. 2490 (for a limited time)

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Due to hormonal changes because of pregnancy I was experiencing a lot of acne on my face. But now with the usage of CLEARX I have got my clear skin back. There is no need for me now to worry about my skin anymore because CLEARX is taking care of my skin very well.

CLEARX - The Complete Acne System is designed to work throught the day

CLEARX ACNE SOLUTION is an innovative anti-acne system that has been delivering proven results to people in more than 400 cities. CLEARX brings you an effective 3-step system, developed by top dermatologists combining 30 plus years of clinical experience and latest ingredients and technology. Suitable for adults and teenagers, CLEARX consists of scientifically tested natural, organic ingredients. Cruelty Free. Free from parabens.

Oil Skin Wash

A moisturizing cleanser. Eliminates bacteria, dead skin cells and prepares your skin to receive brightening agents from other CLEARX products.

Improves skin surface and radiance visibly with continuous use.

Oil Control Complexion Gel

This day-time use gel not only controls acne but also helps control break-outs and blackheads by stopping excess oil production. UV Absorbers protect your skin from Sun's harmful UV rays. Anti-oxidants fight ageing and pre-mature wrinkles. Apply before going out after cleansing with CLEARX Oil Control Skin Wash.

Skin Balance Night Gel

Get Maximum protection from acne, bacteria, environment stress and inflammation from this night time gel, infused with Vitamin E for reducing acne redness and swelling. Provides positive Skin Relief. Apply daily before bed after cleansing with CLEARX Oil Control Skin Wash to see visible improvement in skin.

Healing Clarifying Masque

Twice a week, boost your skin fitness in 15 min with this masque. The anti-oxidants and mineral complex in the masque eliminates excess oil, combats bacteria, boosts penetration of beneficial actives to increase radiance, tone and suppleness. Also helps combat inflammation due to sensitive skin. Apply masque twice a week following a cleansed face followed by the night/day/ gel.

Acne Spot Corrector

Sense a breakout or blemish coming on? Apply a small amount on the spot before bed time and leave overnight. The corrector will rapidly clear and control stubborn break-outs. Apply following the Skin Balance Night Gel.


B.LAB experts have clinical experience of more than 30 years and are considered leading experts in the field of Dermatology. B.LAB's easy-to-use yet effective solutions are designed for a range of skin conditions. These solutions primarily belong to a new category called "cosmeceuticals".

How CLEARX is different

Regular Beauty Products Don't Work

No company is creating real solutions for a specific skin condition – big personal care brands make products so that their products can be sold to maximum number of people. 90% of people who buy from are those who have tried off-the-shelf beauty products and failed.

No Beauty Brand Addresses Acne Issues Fully

Companies selling acne products are dead wrong in their approach by not addressing ALL aspects of acne and its side effects such as ageing, and weakened skin. Most products are incomplete and sold without proper education or information and claim to work miracles overnight

Your skin will love you back

At B.LAB, our dermatologists developed CLEARX with one goal. Create a complete acne solution that not only treats acne, but also tackles various side effects of acne. CLEARX is designed from the ground-up as a genuine solution made to combat Acne. In addition, it has powerful anti-oxidants, multi-mineral and vitamin formulae to tackle Acne side effects such as premature ageing, skin damage and scarring.

Desquamation (New Skin) / Anti-Bacterials

Salicylic Acid: Chemically exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells. Declogs pores and prevents future clogs. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Septic.

Lemon Extract: Strong natural exfoliant helds shed dead skin cells.

Tea Tree Oil: Unclogs pores and reduces comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). Natural Anti-bacterial, Antifungal and Anti-Viral.

Neem: Natural anti-bacterial.

Oil Balance/Control

Royal Jelly:CLEARX's advanced ingredients restore oils to the right level by reducing the number of overactive sebaceous glands reducing the appearance of Acne.

Amino-Acids & Cinnamon Extract:Balances Skin. Reduces Blackheads and Sebum. Stops bacterial growth and infection.

Blemish Control

Zinc Gluconate: Heals acne blemishes and reduces inflammation. Used commonly in dermatology for its sebum regulation properties and blemish reduction.

Anti-Ageing/Skin Sensitivity

Vitamin E: Calms Skin by reduce signs of Acne lesions (redness and swelling), Decreases skin sensitivity. Fortifies skin. Reduces inflammation.

Multi-Mineral Cocktail: Energizes cells. Fights free radicals (anti-oxidant). Limits wrinkle formation and ageing. Increases tone, radiance, freshness and suppleness.

Lipo Amino Acid + Minerals: Makes skin feel good by improving skin comfort of sensitive or irritable skin due to sun exposure, inflammation and shaving. Anti-radical, anti-hyaluronidase, anti-lipooxygenase.

Sun Protection

Benzophenon: Provides Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB protection- skin is protected from cancer causing UVB (burning), tanning and cellular damage (photo-ageing).

Avobenzone: Provides added UVA protection for double support for fighting skin-ageing and wrinkles (photo-ageing) and prevent skin darkening (tanning)

Barrier Protection

XylitylGlucoside: Visibly improves skin surface in 4 weeks. Increases cellular moisture content and strengthens skin's ability to protect itself. Reduces trans-epidermal moisture loss.

Skin Glow

Kaolin: Removes excess oil and improves local blood micro-circulation resulting in improved skin tone and reduced shine.

Step 1: Wash your face twice daily (morning and before bed-time) with CLEARX Oil Control Skin Wash.

Step 2: Following cleansing, apply the Oil Control Complexion Gel before you begin your day. The complexion Gel will work for 9 hours. If you wash your face during the day apply again.

Step 3: Before bedtime – following cleansing, apply Skin Balance Night Gel and leave this on overnight.

CLEARX Contains eco-certified natural ingredients

Ordinary skin care products contain cheap ingredients such as detergents that aggravate acneic skin. CLEARX was developed by dermatologists with one goal in mind - treat and nourish your skin in the gentlest way possible so that you get the best skin without compromising on any aspect of safety. CLEARX has only the best-of-class actives, while avoiding those ingredients that has the potential for allergies. So out goes soap, fragrances and any ingredients known to be harmful.

Not Tested on Animals
Soap Free
Free of Triclosan
Fragrance Free
Free from Synthetic Dyes
No Pthalates
Does Not Contain GMOs
Are there any side effects from using CLEARX?

CLEARX was developed by renowned dermatologists with clinical and research experience for over 30 plus years with experience in treating thousands of patients. CLEARX has been developed with a deep understanding of different skin types. Generally, there are no side effects from using CLEARX as it designed for even the most sensitive skin.

Can I buy only one product from the CLEARX Acne Solution System?

The regimen is designed as a system that will work over a period of 4-6 weeks. Additionally, the individual products work together to ensure all contributing factors of acne are properly tackled. So at this time, we only offer full kits priced at Rs. 3500 with special offer price of Rs. 2490. We suggest buy the full kit and try it. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you can always return it within 60 days for a full refund. No questions asked. Buying CLEARX is hassle free.

Can I use other skin care products as well along with using CLEARX Acne Solution System?

By using 2 products the effectiveness of this system may not be reflected. The results of this system may get affected. Hence we would recommend you to use only CLEARX Acne Solution on the skin. Any other topical treatment at this point of time should be avoided.

In how many days will I see the results?

Each individuals skin and lifestyle is different. So results will vary. However, for majority of people with moderate acne, you will begin to see the difference in just 7 days and in 30 days your skin should see substantial improvement. We recommend completing the full 60 day regimen to realize full benefits.

Once my skin has improved following use of CLEARX, do I need to continue use of CLEARX?

A healthy skin regimen is important to follow to fight pre-mature ageing. Environmental stressors and lifestyle stressors are a fact of life and are not going to go away any time soon. We recommend that you maintain a basic regimen of Cleanse > Treat > Hydrate using the CLEARX system and benefit by not only preventing future breakouts, but also ensure a fit skin.

How long will it take for me receive my order.

In general, one should expect to receive their orders within 3-5 days. Actual time of delivery will depend on where you live and your payment mode. All CLEARX orders will be shipped from our warehouse near Mumbai within 24 hours. Orders are shipped via air courier. Please note that it may not be possible to send Cash-On-Delivery orders in certain zip codes, in which case we will deliver through the post-office or will only accept pre-paid orders. Please consult our care center if you have further queries before your purchase.

Customer Speak
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Jharkhand

CLEARX has work wonders on my skin. Acne have reduced to a very great extent within just 40 days. I would recommend CLEARX to all of my friends in need who want to get rid of trouublesome acne. Also I am very delighted with the after sale service prodvided by B.LAB.

Mrs. Sient Pujari, Thane Maharashtra.

Due to hormonal changes because of pregnancy I was experiencing a lot of acne on my face. But now with the usage of CLEARX I have got my clear skin back. There is no need for me now to worry about my skin anymore because CLEARX is taking care of my skin very well.

Mr. Tingrai Station, Tinsukia Assam.

My skin has improved a lot now. Starting from the texture of the skin, smoothness has improved a lot and my skin is oil free and pimple free now. CLEARX is working as good maintenance on my skin.

Mr. Michael Thiyan Bangalore Karnataka

I am using CLEARX as recommended by specialist from B.LAB, and after following the customized regimen my skin has improved a lot. My overall experience with B.LAB in terms of services and quality of the product has been excellent..

Mr. Harshad Gowartda.

I am using CLEARX since 4 weeks and results on my skin has been very good, now there is no need for me to worry about the oiliness and dullness on my face when go out for party at night with my friends. CLEARX has worked very well on my skin and I would recommend CLEARX to all of my friends in need.

Mr. Pawan Kapoor, Ahmedabad Gujarat.

I am using CLEARX for my acne. I like the skin wash the most. It is really very effective. I have one more unit of CLEARX which I am going to continue using it. It has helped me to a very great extent to get rid of my acne.

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