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5 hidden reasons you may have hair loss

June 07, 2016

Do you find yourself thinking why you are losing hair when the rest of you appears fine? Losing hair for more than 3 months is a chronic problem. Many problems that cause hair loss are hidden and can't be seen from the outside.

Read more to learn these hidden reasons and what to do about it...

5 hidden reasons for hair loss

1. Protein Loss

90% of our hair is made of protein. When you have protein loss your hair struggles to grow to its full length and thickness. This leads to brittle, lose hair that can shed easily. Shortage of other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals may increase hair loss. 

2. Chronic Stress

It is well known that stress makes you look older faster. The hidden killer is the low levels of stress from daily ups and downs of job, money, future, and family worries. This kind of daily chronic stress robs energy and nutrients from your hair and skin, leading to excess hair loss. 

3. Slow Metabolism

Proper metabolism is required to keep your hair roots growing. Thyroid controls metabolism. Thyroid imbalance is usually hidden and many are unaware of it. Not correcting thyroid imbalance may lead to chronic hair loss.

4. DHT Sensitivity

In some, hair roots are more sensitive to a hormone called Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT). DHT attacks hair roots and makes them short and thin. This is also known as hereditary hair loss.

5. Hard water

Does hard water cause hair loss directly? No. This is why we call it the hidden reason. But what it does is it irritates sensitive scalp and builds up dandruff. Dandruff blocks the follicle, which may lead to hair fall. 

So how can you stop excess hair loss?

Eating right, retiring to country side to reduce stress, getting a new thyroid, new parents or changing the city's water supply are not realistic options. You could but it will take you a long time. Some hereditary problems such as DHT sensitivity can not be tackled without treatment.


B.LAB makes it easy to tackle hair loss from all of these hidden problems

We have created a short cut...

B.LAB's top dermatologists and experts have created a short cut to save you lacs of rupees in money, time, energy and mental distress in the long term. 

Introducing, the B.LAB Hair Regrowth System...


A complete, safe and effective solution to stop hair loss. Designed for busy professionals, its a short cut which takes only minutes a day and provides solutions to all 5 problems in one system.

  1. Stops protein loss
  2. Reduces effects of stress
  3. Speed up metabolism
  4. Reduces DHT sensitivity
  5. Reduces hair and scalp damage

How it works is simple. Apply the liquid serum daily to your scalp after wash your hair. The serum will directly repair and restore your hair roots to their normal health. 

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