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  • Great hair inside-out
    + Specially designed hair supplement
    + Corrects nutritional imbalances inside-out
    + Boosts anti-oxidant capacity 150%
    + 60 times more powerful than Vitamin E
    + Optimal distribution to hair roots
  • Recommended for:
    Thinning hair | Excessive shedding | Weak/damaged hair | Breakage/Brittlness | Graying hair
    Take 1 tablet either morning or before bed time.
    For faster results, take twice daily for first 15-30 days and then 1 daily
    Individual results will vary based on genetics, age, gender, health and lifestyle habits.
    Do not discontinue use without consulting our advisors. Our advisors ensure an optimal regimen to achieve your goals.
  • Each tablet contains:
    Tocotrienol – Reduces oxidative stress, protects hair from damage
    Biotin – Promotes hair growth, prevents breakage, increases hair elasticity
    Zinc – Increase the life span of hair root
    Selenium – serves as excellent anti-oxidant
    Niacin – improves blood circulation in the scalp
    Iron – increases oxygen supply to the scalp
    Folic acid – regulates blood circulation in the scalp
    Calcium Pantothenate – fights premature graying

    Contains no animal products


The reasons for hair loss are many. A major reason is uncontrolled oxidative stress. Modern lifestyle creates high levels of oxidative stress in our bodies. Left alone, oxidative stress will make hair loss worse each day. To address this dilemma, B.LAB offers a new way to reduce oxidative stress in your body. Introducing, B.LAB Hair Boost Supplement a potent combination of Anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to tackle hair thinning, shedding and graying.

Unlike ordinary oral supplements, the B.LAB Hair Boost Supplement is specifically designed to reach the hair root and correct whole body oxidation imbalances inside out. Packed with anti-oxidant power 60 times more powerful than ordinary Vitamin E, it boosts anti-oxidant capacity by 150% to promote hair regrowth right from the root level. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our supplements are fully vegetarian and contain no animal products.

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