Age Prevent Scalp Tonic

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Age Prevent Scalp Tonic is specially designed treatment to energize thinning, shedding, fragile and dry hair right from the roots. The tonic, a leave-in treatment for the scalp rebalances and restores the scalp. With botanical ingredients in higher concentration, the tonic is very effective and gentle on the scalp.  Daily use allows the scalp to soothe and heal encourage stronger hair growth. Treating the scalp daily allows for beautiful healthy hair growth. Comes with a specially designed applicator to target specific areas of the scalp. 


Step 1: Cleanse with Kitoko Age Prevent Cleanser (recommended but optional)
Step 2: Apply Age Prevent Balm (optional)
Step 3: Apply Age Prevent Scalp Tonic directly to scalp. Part hair in 1 inch partings while applying. Massage and spread tonic with fingertips. Do not wash hair. Comb and style as usual. Use daily for maximum effect. 


Micro-Algae extracts, Boswellia, and Allantoin

Size: 75 ml

Made in U.K.

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