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  • Introducing the NEW B.LAB Hair Boost Serum. Updated to include the latest science clinically proven to promote hair growth. Use the lightweight oil-free serum to control hair fall, thicken hair, promote hair regrowth and improve overall scalp health*.  Deep penetrating serum contains bio-actives to restore dying follicles back to regrowth. Enjoy thicker denser stronger hair.

    Formula contains Peptide BioX Complex - a powerful combination of peptides (protein chains), premium oleanolic acid (olive leaf extract), apigenin (lemon tree extract), Biotynl-Vitamin Complex, Caffeine, Auxina Tricogena, Vitamin F and hydration factors extracted from purest organic sources.

    Recommended for: Thinning Hair, Hair Fall, Brittle Hair, Post-Menopausal Hair Loss, Delaying Balding

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials. 

  • Apply twice daily for a minimum of 3 months to evaluate results. Requires continuous use in men with androgenic alopecia (male pattern balding).

    Shampoo hair. Pat dry until 80% dry or blow dry on cold setting. Then apply the serum using one of the below methods.

    Application Method 1: Pump 1 ml serum into your palm. Apply on affected areas of the scalp and rub the serum in gently with your finger tips. Serum leaves no residue. Style after it dries.

    Important: The serum has to make good contact with the base of hair shaft. Massage the serum into the skin as it is designed to work in the hair follicle. In other words, it is not important that it coats the hair, but very important that it makes sufficient contact with the skin in areas where you seek improvement.


    How much to use:
    About 1 ml is sufficient for one area or zone. Larger areas of hair loss will require more. Note: Using once a day may take longer to show visible results.

  • Hair is the fastest growing organ in your body, growing nearly 1 cm every 30 days. Proteins, vitamins and amino acids are necessary to keep your hair healthy and growing. When protein synthesis and cell development is broken, it results in hair loss. The B.LAB Hair Boost Serum has nearly 500% more ingredient concentration than any other product in the market to provide your hair roots with the right signals to improve protein synthesis, speed up cell development and multiplication and restore normalcy to hair roots.

    • Powerful Peptide Complex.
    • Essential Amino Acids. Building blocks for proteins.
    • Anti-oxidant complex. Destress hair roots.
    • Anti-inflammatories. Calm hair roots.
    • Natural DHT Blocker. Block hereditary effects.
    • Mineral complex. Reduces hair damage.
    • Vitamins. Increases cellular metabolism.


Hair loss is a complex condition, with many contributing factors including; nutritional deficiency, hormonal sensitivity and low collagen.  Ordinary hair care including shampoos and conditioners tackle only hair fibre and not the hair roots where hair loss starts and ends. Unlike ordinary products, B.LAB Hair Treatment contains proprietary formula in very high concentrations to deliver meaningful results.​ Using sophisticated advanced technology, the serum contains molecules extracted from the purest organic sources. This gives the serum its unique power to work harmoniously with your hair roots and reactivate growth. The serum has no harsh chemicals, only nature’s powerful nutrients. The NEW B.LAB Hair Boost Serum is based on the latest scientific research conducted by doctors, dermatologists and experts from around the globe, so you get only the best.

The B.LAB Boost Serum has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss when used twice daily for 3 months minimum.

Clinical Results*
  • 85% saw hair reduction in hair fall
  • 100% saw hair regrowth to varying extent
  • 85% saw increase is hair thickness and density
  • 100% saw reduction in dandruff to various extent
  • 91% improved scalp health
  • 92% improved hair quality
  • Individual results may vary from person to person
  • *Clinical tests conducted with male and female volunteers age 21-45 in good health, who used the product twice a day for 3 months. Visual and instrument measurements conducted by qualified dermatologists.

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