Complete Skin Care for Men5 SKIN CARE BASICS

Think skin care is for only women? You are not alone. Truth is you are already using plenty of skin care - face wash, bar soaps, shaving creams, moisturizers, etc. Just not the right kind. Your face is one of your most important assets in social encounters, yet you might be investing the least in taking good care of your face. As a professional, you probably take pride in the way you work- so why not the way you look? But skin care may be lagging. The reality first...

  1. Skin degrades in men at 25
  2. Different skin requires different care
  3. Skin care requirements change with age

Now this guide gives you a way to achieve face that looks 5-10 years younger. 


Men have 25% thicker skin than women. Men generally have oilier skin than women. Men can have bad skin because of slow cell-turn over, oil control problem, loss of water, degradation of elastin or collagen or a combination of these reasons. 


    To give you great skin, we have designed a skin care regimen around what you may already be doing everyday, with a extra step or two to correct any problems for a short duration. 

    Remember, identifying skin imperfections is half the solution. The other half is selecting the right product and the right regimen. B.LAB makes it all easy in the Man's Guide to Skin Care.

    We will show you exactly how. Read on...


    What is it: The surface skin takes longer than 21 days to be replaced
    Common problems: dullness, greasy skin and clogged pores
    What causes it: Genetics, age

    Goal: Exfoliate and declog pores 

    Care Guidelines:
    1. Wash face with exfoliating skin wash twice daily - 1) morning and 2) before bed time. Men with active lifestyle should use it in between (gym, sports).
    2. Use skin wash with Salicylic Acid so your skin doesn't dry out
    3. For oily skin, use Oil Control Skin Wash
    4. For normal/dry skin, use Clarifying Skin Wash



    What is it: Sebaceous glands (oil glands) become overactive 
    Common Problems: Greasy skin, infections, acne and irritation
    What causes it: Stress, hormonal, genetic and environmental ageing, bad skin care
    Myth: Eating oily foods cause excess oil. Not true.

    Goal: Balance oil levels without stripping off all oil

    Care Guidelines:
    1. Protect skin from daytime stress (UV, work stress, pollutants). Apply Oil Control Complexion Gel
    2. Use  to keep your skin balanced at night by using Skin Balance Night Gel
    3. Deep clean your skin of oil and impurities applying Healing Clarifying Masque twice a week for 15 minutes



    What is it: Water in between skin layers is lost 
    Common Problems: Dryness, sensitivity, thinning skin
    What causes it: Stress, diet, UV damage, ageing, cheap products

    Goal: Restore water levels in skin


    Skin has low-permeability, meaning it keeps bad s**t out. Water loss indicates increased permeability to external particles. In other words, dry sensitive skin may increase risk of infections and UV damage. Cheap skin care increases skin permeability by altering the pH balance. Think twice before using that "natural face wash" which costs just Rs. 150.

    Care Guidelines:
    1. Use high quality moisturizer at bed time. Using B.LAB night time moisturizers will help you increase and retain water levels in your skin.
    2. Protect yourself from UV at day time so your skin is not damaged further. 


    Cleanse, Protect and Repair: Maintaining good skin is fairly simple. Use high quality products to do the following. Cleansing and exfoliation, sun screen and moisturization. B.LAB products are designed to make this regimen easy to follow.


    What is it: Increase in melanin production  
    Common Problems: Tanning, uneven skin tone
    What causes it: UV exposure, hormones and ageing

    Care Guidelines:
    1. Use sun screen at day time. 
      For dry skin, apply Brightening UV Defence Cream in day time.
      For oily skin, apply Oil Control Complexion Gel in day time
    2. Reduce UV exposure by applying the Brightening UV Defence Cream.
    3. At night, apply the Brightening Night Cream before bed time.
    4. Twice a week, Apply the Radiance Booster Masque for 15 minutes for a deeper removal of melanin.


    What is it: Protein fibres (collagen and elastin) degrade 
    Common Problems: Sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles
    What causes it: Ageing, stress, prolonged UV exposure and hormones

    Care Guidelines:
    1. Use a deep moisturizer that can increase collagen and elastin levels in your skin.
    2. Protect yourself from UV at day time so your skin is not damaged further. 


    The following supplementation can be taken with your meals. Follow information on the package. Buy quality supplements. We also recommend that you clean up your diet eliminating process, sugary or packaged products and replacing it with more healthy protein rich foods and healthy fats.

    Vitamin D3