hair thinning men


Hair thinning is really slow ageing of hair follicles until scalp is visible. Also, called male pattern baldness, slowly your hair follicles grow thinner and shorter. This is called miniaturisation. When it reaches a point where it is colorless and short, it is called Vellus hair. Following this, it will fall off never to grow back again. This type of permanent hair loss can only be replaced with transplant surgery. If you suffer from thinning hair, start taking preventive steps to slow or delay balding. Make a topical treatment with a anti-ageing formula part of your daily regimen.


Each year your hair is thinning
Hair recedes with time
Hair loss follows a pattern
Your scalp appears shiny


Mild to moderate thinning is when your hair is more visible than scalp. Your hair is progressive thinning and hair line is showing early signs of receding. We recommend you start with the Hair Serums and continue for at least 3 months. Then evaluate results.



If your scalp is more visible than your hair, then you might be at an advanced stage of hair loss, but not complete baldness. In this case, your goal is to increase the thickness of existing hair and promote new hair regrowth, depending on how your body responds. Apply the Hair Serum twice daily and Hair Patch once daily to promote hair follicle development. The hair serum must be applied to the scalp in areas of thinning to achieve best results.  Do it for 3 months and then evaluate. It may take anywhere from 6 - 12 months to notice visible results. Track progress by taking photos each month.



When you have hair thinning, it is quite challenging to reverse this cycle. It will take discipline of apply a topical treatment daily without fail. It is better to retain the hair you have than having to face surgery due to premature balding. In addition to applying the treatment, pursue a healthy lifestyle as hair thinning in crown area is linked to heart health. Start making small changes in your lifestyle and help you body fight hair thinning effortlessly.

Hormonal Balance: Ensure your stress and thyroid functions are normal.

Nutrition: Eat protein rich meals avoiding processed foods and sugars for an overall boost in health. Eat plenty of anti-oxidant foods. If you drink protein shakes, opt for a whey protein shake without isolates (whey-isolates accelerate hair loss).

Stress Management: Do regular walking (30 minutes daily) and breathing to bring your stress levels down. Keeping your stress levels down allow your body to route its resources to peripheral parts of your body like the skin.