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Anti-Ageing Anti-Acne Regimen Kit

  • Complete skin care made for men with oily or acne prone skin. Use daily to reduce fine lines, acne and blemishes with this 10-minute a day regimen. Natural bio-actives keep oil under control, prevent breakouts, lighten dark spots and improve skin firmness. Comes with built-in sunscreen for UV protection to make caring for your skin hassle-free. Enjoy smooth radiant attractive complexion.

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid (exfoliant), sebo-regulators (oil control), UVA/UVB sun screens, melanin blocker, Morus Alba extract, Vitamin-E, minerals (Magnesium and Zinc), Cinnamon extract, XylitylGlucoside and much more.
  • Daily Regimen

    1. Morning: Wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash. Apply Oil Control Complexion Gel
    2. Bedtime: Wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash. Apply Brightening Night Cream.

    In the box: Oil Control Skin Wash 60 ml, Oil Control Complexion Gel 30 ml, Brightening Night Cream 30 ml

  • Ideal for men with facial ageing signs such as fine lines, dark spots or scarred skin due to acne  or oily skin breakouts in their teen or adult years.

    • Sebo-regulators reduce greasy oily feeling
    • Anti-oxidants reduce free radical damage
    • Exfoliants removed dead skin cells
    • Anti-inflammatories reduce redness and itching
    • Hyaluronic acid synthesis reduces fine lines
    • Skin lightening agents improve skin glow and radiance
    • Full UVA/UVB sun screen and protection