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Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

  • Achieve strong, smooth and soft hair* all year long. The ANTI-HAIR LOSS TREATMENT combines a leave on Hair Regrowth Serum, Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and Hair Repair Therapy Oil to provide you amazing hair day in day out. Get Free Grooming Oil worth Rs. 890.

    Key ingredients include Peptide BioX Complex and ARGANplus complex combining advanced bio-actives. Contains natural ingredients. 

    Note: For stopping and reversing hair loss, treat hair daily for a minimum 3 to 6 months. Regular long term use can reverse hair thinning, promote hair regrowth and delay balding.

    *Based on clinical studies conducted in healthy volunteers between ages 21-45 who used the B.LAB Hair Regrowth Serum for 3 months twice a day regularly. 

  • Indications: Use to prevent hair damage, excess hair fall, hair thinning and premature balding.

    Daily Regimen.

    1. Apply Hair Repair Therapy Oil to scalp. Massage it in and leave it overnight.
    2. Wash hair in the morning with Revitalizing Hair Shampoo.
    3. Pat dry. Apply Hair Regrowth Serum to hair and massage serum until it disappears.
    4. After serum dries, apply Grooming Oil and style with fingers.

    In the Box: 100ml Hair Revitalizing Shampoo, 50ml Hair Regrowth Serum, 30ml Hair Repair Therapy Oil, 30ml Grooming Oil

    1. Take close-up photos of your scalp every month and compare it to review progress. We recommend taking close-up photos of hair lines, thinning areas and overall hair and scalp before starting the treatment. Repeat this every 30 days to compare and contrast. 
    2. Use the Hair Regrowth Serum twice daily to speed up results.
    3. Get a overall health check-up done regularly to make sure you are in good health.

  • To achieve strong, soft and shiny hair, more than one area has to be addressed at the same time so that hair can grow to its full natural potential. The complete Anti-Hair Loss Treatment system renews your hair in every way possible.
    • The Hair Fibre: The Hair Repair Therapy Oil improves the external hair fibre. It strengthens cuticle health to prevent hair from breaking and shedding. 
    • The Hair Root: The Hair Regrowth Serum penetrates directly to your hair roots and restore normal hair growth.
    • The Scalp: The Hair Revitalizing Shampoo gently clears dead cells, bacteria and dirt from your scalp and unclogs follicles to allow the Hair Regrowth Serum to penetrate deeply, while nourishing and strengthening hair fibres.
    • Hair Quality:The Grooming oil keeps your hair conditioned, soft and shiny throughout the year.

    Note: Hair regrowth is only possible when follicles are active. In case, where follicles are dead, no regrowth is possible. From our experience, we find that many men are impatient to see results within a few weeks, even when they have been experiencing thinning hair for years. As a high-quality brand, we bring you the most advanced ingredient combination available today to offer safe, simple and effective solutions. As a consumer, it is important that you have realistic expectations and stick with the treatment regularly. Remember, your body resists any attempts to change the way it works quickly. So a long term approach is required to make positive changes to your hair and your image, which is what B.LAB offers.


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