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B.LAB Skin Whitening Kit

    • A complete treatment to reduce dark skin patches, improve complexion and promote skin whitening*. Contains bio-actives to repair, rebuild and restore skin color. Enjoy glowing and radiant skin and the self-esteem that comes with it.

      Formula contains ProSkin BioX Complex - a powerful combination of alpha-MSH blockers (skin lightening), premium UV blockers, Vitamin-E (anti-ageing), Salycylic acid (willow bark extract), neem extract, lemon, tea tree oil and many other natural ingredients.

      *Based on 8 week independent clinical trials of volunteers of healthy adults ages 21 to 45 using the full regimen for 2 months. 
    • We recommend that you follow the regimen for a minimum of 2 months for hyper-pigmentation, Melasma or general skin lightening. Melasma has symmetrical dark patches on cheeks, forehead, upper lips or nose and intensifies whenever exposed to sun. 

      Daily Regimen
      How much to use:
      Use a coin size for skin wash and creams.

      1. Make this regimen part of your daily routine. The excellent skin care included in this kit will give you best skin health and complexion. 
      2. Limit exposure to sun. Sun light is the number one cause for skin darkening. 
    • Skin whitening involves not just removing existing melanin (the brown color pigment), but also preventing excess melanin from being regenerated. Similarly, it involves repairing damage, which has already occurred due to sun exposure and protecting the skin from future damage. As you can see, skin whitening is a multi-step process, which we have simplified into a 10 minute a day regimen to fit into busy men's lifestyle. Here's how it works.
      • The Clarifying Skin Wash loosens all the damaged and darkened skin cells at the skin surface and washes it away. This process moves melanin from deeper layers of the skin to the surface, where it can be removed safely to give a new glow to your skin.
      • The Brightening UV Defence Cream is a light weight moisturizer with two types of sunscreen to protect your skin from both the burning and tanning effects of the sun. In addition, it works to lighten your skin during the day.
      • The Brightening Night Cream blocks generation of new melanin while you sleep. It also repairs skin cells and rebuilds skin strength to withstand future damage. You skin will appear lighter and feel stronger at the same time.
      • The Radiance Booster Masque, which you use only once or twice a week turn off overactive melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) deep in your skin and boost your radiance with every use.
      • And where you have stubborn dark spots, simply applying the Pigmentation Spot Corrector to those spots will lighten the dark spot so that your skin tone is even

      As you can see, this 10 minute a day regimen will lighten, protect, repair and strengthen your skin 24x7. For those men, who wish for a better complexion, the Skin Whitening System is the best solution.


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Type: Skin Solution


Excess melanin makes skin darker. The ProSkin BioX Complex is an exceptional formula for blocking Alpha-MSH, a Melanin Stimulating Hormone triggered by sun exposure or hormone imbalance. Combining latest European research with premium bio-actives, our dermatologists have created a complete, safe and effective skin whitening system to fit the busy lifestyle of every modern man. Beautiful skin now takes only 10 minutes a day

The B.LAB Skin Whitening Systems has been clinically proven to reduce pigmentation when used daily for 2 months minimum.
Clinical Results*
  • 90% had fairer skin
  • 100% saw improvement in dull skin
  • 94% had improved skin glow
  • 77% had improved skin radiance
  • 96% had improved skin tone
  • 87% had improved moisturization
  • 100% had firmer skin (anti-ageing)
  • 57% saw reduction in fine lines
  • Individual results may vary from person to person
  • *Clinical tests conducted with male and female volunteers age 21-45 with good health. Visual and instrument measurements conducted by qualified dermatologists.