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Beard Thickening Treatment Kit

  • Get thicker and denser beard hair with this Beard Thickening Therapy Kit. Included in the kit, the special B.LAB Hair Regrowth Serum is known to promote thicker denser hair by making hair roots anagenic* (growth). The Hair Repair Therapy oil repairs dry and damaged rough beard from the outside. The complementary inside-outside approach nourishes and repairs your beard hair right from first use. 

    Key ingredients include Peptide BioX Complex and ARGANplus formula to give your hair peptides, vitamins, minerals and healthy anti-oxidants inside and out. 

    *Based on a 3 month clinical study of healthy male volunteers aged 25-40 in anti-hair clinical studies. Individual results will vary from person to person.

  • The beard thickening regimen gives best results when daily for 3 months minimum

    Step 1: Apply a few drops of Hair Repair Therapy Oil to beard hair roots and massage a few drops into the rest of the beard. Leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning with the Oil Control Skin wash (not included).
    Step 2: After drying beard, massage in the Hair Regrowth Serum into roots or where hair is thin or scanty.
    Step 3: Once serum is dry, apply just a few drops of Grooming oil to your beard hair and massage it in.

    In the Box: 50 ml Hair Regrowth Serum, 30ml Hair Repair Therapy Oil, 30ml Grooming Oil

    ProTip: You can also use a few drops of the Grooming oil to moisturize your face, elbows, hands and nail cuticles. 
    • Thickens hair
    • Promotes regrowth for density and coverage
    • Improves hair thickness with phytonutrients
    • Controls hair shedding with hair regrowth serum
    • Transparent clear liquid and light weight

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