Beauty Boost BioNanoCellulose Mask

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  • Your Beauty Secret
    Even the most beautiful skin needs extra attention once in a while. The new Beauty Boost is the extra love your face deserves. Beauty Boost is beauty on the go. Designed based on years of professional experience, this convenient pre-cut mask perfectly adheres to your skin offers amazing benefits any time anywhere. In just 1 use, you'll see visible results. Ideal for all skin types. 

    Recommended for:
    Brightening | Moisturizing | Wrinkle Reduction | Reduce Redness | Skin Renewal

  • Apply. Relax. Rewind

    Apply: Remove the disposable mask from the pack. Carefully lift the protective film and peel it away from the sheet mask. Apply the exposed side of the sheet mask to a cleansed face. With finger tips, smooth and remove any air bubbles. 
    Relax: Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Relax and breathe deeply. Enjoy the mask's freshness and coolness on your face.
    Rewind: Remove the mask and discard. Watch the face rewind the years and tiredness away to leave your skin bright, glowing, soft and supple.

    Note: The mask can be used within an hour after opening.
  • 100% Pure Natural nanobiocellulose fibres - promotes skin renewal, hydrates, brightens and comforts skin. 

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Category: anti-ageing, Whitening

Type: Unisex


Sun, pollution, stress and lifestyle reduces water in your skin. As little as 7% loss of water leaves your skin dry, dull, dark and distressed. Made to match your skin perfectly, Beauty Boost's revolutionary BioNanoCellulose fibre restores water quickly to your skin making it the most effective and complete facial treatment today. It is the beauty secret of celebrities and stars. 

Beauty The New Way

The new Beauty Boost is the helping hand when you want to look your best in a hurry. Beauty Boost is a quick, easy and economical way to get salon quality treatment at home. Simply use it once or twice a month or just before a big event.

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty The Instant Way

Get amazingly instant results. In just 1 use, your face will appear radiant, bright and glowing. Enjoy perfect skin with right levels of moisture. Amaze others with youthful skin always firm and smooth.

Beauty Your Way

Beauty Boost's nano-fiber is smaller than your skin pore. Its small size allows treatment to reach deeper into the skin boosting micro-circulation and oxygenation. Boost your beauty instantly.

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty The Natural Way

Beauty Boost is so gentle your face will love it again and again. Made from pure bio-cellulose a natural ingredient. Free from perfume, parabens, preservatives or other harmful chemicals. 

Beauty The European Way

Beauty Boost is designed and developed in Europe. Manufactured in European Pharmaceutical certified facility and approved under strict European Union regulations. Now exclusive to B.LAB customers in India.

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty By Professionals

The nano-fiber material is dermatologically tested and clinically proven. Preferred by top European aestheticians in delivering superior skin treatments.

Beauty For Everyone

Beauty Boost works for men, women and teenagers equally. In men with thicker skin, it boosts softness. In women with thinner skin, it boosts strength. In teenagers with acne, it reduces redness and calms skin. In the 20s and 30s skin, it boosts brightness and glow. In the 40s and mature skin, it boosts smoothness and firmness. In sensitive skin, it reduces itchiness and dryness.

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty for all seasons

Beauty Boost is designed for year round use. In winter, it moisturizes and calms dry skin. In summer, it repairs UV damage and protects skin. In monsoons, it balances and tones skin.

Beauty Any time, Anywhere

Beauty Boost is designed as a sheet mask. Sealed in a 4x4 pouch, it is small enough to be carried in your personal bag or pocket. Use at home, office, planes, gyms or on the move. Use before or after big events like a wedding, a big customer meeting, a job interview, a hot date, a fun party or just simply to pamper your face on a relaxing weekend.

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty Boost Sheet Mask

Beauty made Easy

The Beauty Boost mask is pre-cut to fit around eyes, nose, and lips. Pre-soaked for a convenient application so no additional product is required. A protective film keeps it in form. For use, simply remove the protective film and apply the mask to your face. Just lay back and relax for 15-20 minutes. Discard the mask and enjoy the beauty boost.

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