Beauty Boost Supplement

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  • Youthful skin inside-out
    + A breakthrough skin moisturizing supplement
    + Corrects dehydrated skin inside-out
    + Boosts skin moisture levels naturally
    + Promotes skin smoothness and softness
    + Optimal distribution to skin surface
  • Recommended for:
    Dry skin | Fine lines | Sensitive skin | Sagging skin | Premature ageing 

    Take 1 tablet either morning or before bed time.

    *For faster results, take twice daily for first 15-30 days and then 1 daily
    Individual results will vary based on genetics, age, gender, health and lifestyle habits.
    **Do not discontinue use without consulting our advisors. Our advisors ensure an optimal regimen to achieve your goals.
  • Each tablet contains:
    Ceramosides – a natural wheat extract 

    Contains no animal products

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Category: anti-ageing, moisturizer

Type: Supplement


The reasons for skin damage are many. A major reason is transepidermal water loss or dehydration. Lifestyle and environment weakens skin barrier leading to loss of water from our skin cells. Left alone, dehydrated skin will look worse each day with the appearance of premature ageing signs. To address this dilemma, B.LAB offers a new way to reduce the effects of water loss in your skin. Introducing, B.LAB Beauty Boost Supplement a potent oral moisturizer made to tackle dryness, irritation and ageing signs quickly and effectively.

Unlike ordinary moisturizers, the B.LAB Beauty Boost Supplement is specifically designed to reach the skin surface and correct whole body water imbalance inside out. Packed with powerful Ceramosides, a natural complex extracted from wheat, not only does it quickly boost hydration, it also prevents collagen degradation and oxidative stress and improves skin sensitivity. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our supplements are fully vegetarian - contains no animal products.

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