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Brightening Night Cream

  • Brightening Night Cream is the perfect way to lighten darkened skin safely*, even when you sleep. Its finest bio-actives makes it ideal for reducing dark spots or protect sun sensitive skin. Enjoy fairer, complexion, even skin tone and the radiance and glow of a healthy skin.

    Key ingredients include premium moisturizing agents and skin brightening Amino Acids, Morus Alba Root Extract, Vitamin E and Anti-inflammatories. Completely vegetarian ingredients.

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete regimen
  • Each night before bed, cleanse face with B.LAB Clarifying Skin Wash.  Apply about a coin size of the Brightening Night Cream to face and neck evenly and massage until cream disappears.

    In the Box: Brightening Night Cream 30 ml. Use 1 ml each application. Lasts 1 month.

  • Men should use a high quality moisturizer daily before bed-time. It is the cheapest investment to repair any existing damage to the skin, reverses ageing signs and protect you from premature ageing signs. With consistent use and a regular skin care regimen, you can look 5-10 years younger than your age group. The Brightening Night Cream has ingredients to provide your skin complete care.

    • Moisturizes and maintains skin water balance.
    • Reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
    • Hydration agent. Reduces fine lines.
    • Illuminates complexion. Gives fairer skin tone.
    • Anti-inflammatory. Calms skin irritation.
    • Prevents future tanning and dark spots.
    • PH balanced. Doesn't irritate your skin.
    • Anti-Oxidants prevents skin ageing.


Brightening Night Cream is a lightweight night-time anti-ageing moisturizer. It contains advanced alpha-MSH blockers. Alpha-MSH blockers turn off melanocytes from generating brown pigment so skin can be lightened without bleaching effect. Anti-Oxidants help prevent and reverse skin damage. You also get built-in full-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Deep repair formula stimulates Hyaluronic Acid synthesis. This is particularly useful for reducing fine lines in 30s age group.

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