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Brightening UV Defence Cream

  • The Brightening UV Defence Cream is a day-time lightweight cream combining skin color whitening, moisturizer and sunscreen in one product making it ideal for busy men. Simply apply it in the morning and be worry-free rest of the day knowing your skin is protected from sun damage, dark spots or sun tanning. Its potent bio-actives prevents excess melanin (brown pigment) and offers full-spectrum sun protection. Maintain a fairer, youthful, and radiant even skin tone 365 days a year. 

    Formula contains Skin Whitening Amino Acids, Morus Alba Root Extract, Vitamin E, Multi-minerals (Magnesium and Zinc), Glycerin and UV Blockers. Completely vegetarian ingredients.

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete regimen
  • Each day morning, cleanse face with B.LAB clarifying skin wash to clear away dead skin cells, oils, bacteria and sweat. Then apply Brightening UV Defence Cream to face and neck evenly. 

    In the Box: 30 ml. Use 1 ml each application. Lasts 1 month.

  • In men, exposure to sun is the single fastest reason for premature ageing. It causes severe skin damage, dark spots, uneven skin tone, under eye circles, and wrinkles. It makes your skin dull, dry and old. Using Brightening UV Defence Cream, a high quality lightweight moisturizer with built in sun-screen removes the hassle of putting on a greasy sun-screen and a thick moisturizer. Moreover, it gives you 8-12 hours of sun protection and takes only seconds to apply. Let the Brightening UV Defence Cream take care of your skin so you can take care of business. 

    • Reduces hyper-pigmentation and dark spots.
    • Full spectrum UV block. Prevents sun tanning.
    • Illuminates complexion. Gives fairer skin tone.
    • Moisturizes skin to maintain skin balance.
    • Anti-inflammatory. Calms skin irritation.
    • PH balanced. Doesn't irritate your skin.
    • Anti-Oxidants reverse skin damage.


Brightening UV Defence Cream is a lightweight day-time moisturizer. It contains advanced alpha-MSH blockers. Alpha-MSH blockers turn off melanocytes from generating brown pigment so skin can be lightened without bleaching effect. Anti-Oxidants help prevent and reverse skin damage. You also get built-in full-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Moisturizing effect reduces skin irritation such as redness, swelling and itching. This is particularly useful for skin sensitized by sun damage.

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