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Calming Shaving Treatment

  • Enjoy a great shave with this 2 step skin care to protect and treat your skin before and after shaving. The pre-shave Oil Control Skin Wash contains natural bio-actives help gently loosen remove dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hair, while the Oil Control Complexion Gel moistures irritated skin and keeps your skin calm and protected with built-in sun screen all day long.

    Ingredients include Salicylic acid, Vitamin E, UVA/UVB sun screen, Neem, Lemon extract, anti-oxidants, moisturizing agents, anti-inflammatories and much more.
  • Daily Regimen

    Step 1: Wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash. Pat dry (don't scrub).
    Step 2: Apply the Oil Control Complexion Gel to calm and protect skin

    In the Box: 60 ml Oil Control Skin Wash and 30 ml Oil Control Complexion Gel

  • When you shave, you not only remove hair, but you also scrap the external layer of your skin away mechanically. Each time you shave, you leave the skin in a state of shock by ripping away the barrier that protects the skin from bacteria, sun and the environment. Without the right skin care, your skin becomes sensitive, irritated and itchy. Using the right skin care before and after shaving keeps skin remains calm, soft and smooth. When you use the Calming Shaving Treatment kit, the Oil Control Skin Wash loosens and removes dead skin cells pre-shave so your shave is much smoother. Post-shave, the Oil Control Complexion Gel calms your skin down, protects from bacteria and sun damage and controls excess oil leaving your skin smooth, soft and calm.

    • Exfoliant
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • Anti-Inflammatories to calm skin
    • Anti-oxidants to reduce damage
    • Balances oil to reduce breakouts
    • UVA/UVB full-spectrum sun screen