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Clarifying Skin Wash

  • Advanced skin wash with 3-in-1 action to achieve smooth skin, relief from dry skin, improve skin radiance and avoid dull appearance. Contains natural bio-actives. Ideal for those with sun darkened skin or dark spots. Enjoy clear smooth skin soft to the touch.

    Formula contains Salicylic acid (willow tree extract), glycerine, Aloe Leaf juice, Sandalwood extract and Liquorice extract from purest natural and organic sources. Completely vegetarian ingredients.

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete regimen
  • Wash face twice a day once in the morning and evening. Put a coin size amount on wet hands and rub palms together to foam. Apply it on your face and massage gently in circles. Avoid getting it in to eyes and mouth. Rinse it with water. Pat face dry without rubbing. Follow-up with the Brightening UV Defence Cream (morning) and Brightening Night Cream (night) to reduce any blemishes or achieve clear skin tone.

    In the Box: 60 ml. Use 1 ml each wash. Lasts 1 month when used twice a day.

  • Men commonly use bar soap and off-the-shelf face washes. While these products leave your face feeling clean, they actually do more harm than good by disrupting your skin's pH balance exposing you to bacterial infections, irritation and itching. Selecting the right skin wash for your face is first step for looking good. B.LAB Clarifying Skin Wash is specifically designed to maintain pH balance and remove dead skin cells without irritation or itching, while improving your complexion and glow.

    • Improves cell-turn over. Improves skin tone.
    • Reduce bacterial infection and fungus.
    • Anti-inflammatory. Calms skin irritation.
    • Exfoliants. Removes dead skin cells safely.
    • PH balanced. Doesn't irritate your skin
    • Perfect even for most sensitive skin.


B.LAB skin wash is unlike other skin washes. Made specifically for hyper-pigmented skin, its high quality salicylic acid gently removes dark, dead skin cells and replaces with fresh new cells. It contains moisturizer to calm sensitized skin. Its anti-inflammatories calm irritated and skin sensitive skin. After just a few washes, you will notice your skin glowing.

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