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Dark Spot Rapid Lightening Treatment

  • The Dark Spot Rapid Lightening Treatment Kit reduce dark spots and evens skin tone to improve complexion. This advanced lightening and correcting regimen contains natural bio-actives to reduce melanin safely and protect skin from darkening further. It comes with a day cream containing full-spectrum UVA/UVB sun screen. Enjoy even skin tone and brighter complexion you desire.
  • Daily Regimen:

    Morning: Wash face with a gentle cleanser. Apply Brightening UV Defence Cream.
    Evening: Wash face with a gentle cleanser and apply Brightening Night Cream. Following this, apply Pigmentation Spot Corrector only to dark spots and massage it in until it disappears.

    ProTip: Once a week, apply the healing Radiance Booster Masque (purchased separately) for 15 minutes and wash it away. Use B.LAB clarifying skin wash to gently dead damaged skin cells without irritation. Do not go out in the sun without applying the day cream.

    In the Box: 30ml Brightening Night Cream, 30ml Brightening UV Defence Cream, 10ml Pigmentation Spot Corrector

  • Dark spots are formed due to sun sensitivity and hormonal imbalance and is a sign of premature ageing. The Dark Spot Rapid Lightening Treatment is a simple way to not just protect your skin from future darkening, but also lighten old dark spots rapidly with this 10 minute a day regimen. Not just this, the treatment improves your overall complexion and leaves your skin glowing and radiant.

    • Lightens and corrects dark spots 
    • Protects skin from darkening during day time
    • Improves skin tone at night
    • Repairs damaged skin 
    • pH balanced. Reduces skin sensitivity.