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Dark Spot Reduction Treatment

  • Get even skin tone and soft skin with this basic lightening and correcting regimen. The natural bio-actives in this combination pack lighten and rebuild strength at night, protecting the skin from darkening during day. Enjoy youthful skin glowing skin everyday.

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid, Vitamin E, melanin blocker, Vitamin E, Cinnamon bark extract, Morus Alba extract, Multi-minerals (magnesium and zinc), Glycerin and Deep hydrating agents and sunscreen (pigment spot corrector).
  • Daily Regimen

    1. Apply Brightening Night Cream before going to bed. Ensure you are cleansing your face with B.LAB Clarifying Skin Wash (not included).
    2. Apply Spot corrector on special areas where skin has darkened. 

    In the Box: 30 ml Brightening Night Cream, 10 ml Hyper-pigmentation Spot Corrector

    Apply sun-screen during day time or use the Brightening UV Defence Cream, which combines a Day-time moisturizer, skin lightening agent and full-spectrum sunscreen.
  • The Dark Spot Reduction Treatment is ideal for men who spend time outdoors or have high sensitivity for dark spots. The primary reason for dark spots is sun exposure. In addition, the underlying skin structure may become damaged leading to premature ageing. The Brightening Night not only lightens the dark spots, it will also repair skin damage and improve overall complexion while moisturizing your skin. The spot corrector lightens up the dark spots so that your skin tone becomes even.

    • Skin lightening agents
    • Block melanin to prevent further darkening
    • Reduce and repair skin damage
    • Anti-oxidants for skin health
    • Anti-inflammatories to calm skin
    • Hydrating agents to rebuild skin strength


Category: Blemish Control, Dark Spots, skin whitening

Type: Anti-Ageing