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Daytime Oil Control Duo

  • Control oil for 8-10 hours with this cleanse and protect combination pack. The oil control bio-actives not only cleanse excess oil and bacteria gently, it also controls oil production during the day without drying out skin. Enjoy fresh clear skin throughout the day.

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid, lemon extract, neem extract, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Royal Jelly, Multi-minerals complex and UVA and UVB sun screen.
  • Upon waking or during shower, wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash. Pat dry face and apply Oil Control Complexion Gel. That's it you are ready for the day.

    ProTip: Repeat the same regimen for the night. Only use the Skin Balance Night Gel (purchased separately).

    In the Box: 60ml Oil Control Skin Wash, 30ml Oil Control Complexion Gel

  • Excessive oily skin throughout the day can cause frustration both socially and hygenically. Oily skin requires more than just removing oil. It requires bacteria control, sun protection and proper hydration. This combination of Oil Control Skin Wash and Oil Control Complexion Gel helps you not only keep excess oil at bay, it also improves your complexion and skin tone. Here's what you get when you use this 2-step regimen

    1) The Oil Control Skin Wash is an exfoliant that loosens the duller dead cells and promotes more youthful skin and glow. It also introduces back moisture so your face doesn't feel dry. It contains anti-bacterials and anti-fungals that reduce the risk of infections and acne

    2) The Oil Control Complexion Gel controls over-active oil glands reducing oils to normal levels. This not only keeps the skin smooth, but also clear from excess oil reducing the need to wash face frequently. Second, its sunscreen offers protection from UV damage and slows skin tanning keeping your complexion in top shape. It also has anti-ageing ingredients that repair any previous damage.

    As you can see, this regimen only takes as little 2-5 minutes and provides benefits all day long. So make this part of your daily regimen. Forget your skin, enjoy your day.