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Dry Hair Skin Moisturizing Kit

  • The Dry Hair Skin Moisturizing Kit is a complete solution to achieve smooth, soft and supple skin and hair. The natural bio-actives provide complete anti-ageing benefits. The Clarifying Skin Wash improves cell turn over. The Brightening UV Defence Cream comes with built-in sun UV protection. The Brightening Night Cream comes with skin lightening and anti-ageing ingredients. The Damage Therapy Oil hydrates and protects your hair from damage, while the Hair Revitalizing Shampoo keeps your scalp in tip-top shape. Experience hair and skin that not only looks good, but feels good.

    Key ingredients include skin lightening and anti-ageing ingredients and ARGANplus formula
  • Daily Regimen
    1. Wash face with Clarifying Skin Wash. Pat dry. Apply Brightening UV Defence Cream during day time.
    2. Wash hair with Hair Revitalizing Shampoo. Pat dry. Apply a few drops of Hair Repair Therapy Oil to hair length. Style with fingers
    3. Wash face with Clarifying Skin Wash. Pat dry. Apply Brightening Night Cream during before bed time.

    In the Box: 100ml Revitalizing Shampoo, 60ml Clarifying Skin Wash, 30ml Brightening Night Cream, 30ml Brightening UV Defence Cream, 30ml B.LAB Hair Repair Therapy Oil

    Use Radiance Booster Masque (purchased separately) to deep treat and remove impurities deep inside your skin.
    Apply Grooming Oil (purchased separately) to style your hair and keep dry, frizzy or colored hair nourished during the day.
  • The Dry Hair and Skin Moisturizing Kit gives busy men a hassle free way to keep their skin looking soft and smooth. Unlike common belief, dry hair and skin is not the opposite of oily skin. It is loss of water due to sun exposure, lifestyle and genetics. To reverse dry skin, you need hydrating agents. The individual products in this Dry Hair and Skin Moisturizing Kit not only restore water, but they also improve water synthesis and retention by your own hair and skin cells.

    • Gentle cleansers remove dead skin
    • Hydrating agents restore cellular water
    • Anti-oxidants reduce hair and skin damage
    • Moisturizers restore softness and smoothness
    • Anti-ageing ingredients for youthful look


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