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Hair Regrowth Treatment (Starter Kit)

  • The Hair Regrowth Treatment (starter kit) is designed to improve all aspects of hair including hair thickness, density, strength and quality*. This kit brings you the power of advanced bio-actives and natural phytonutrients in this serum, shampoo and essential oil combination, which works perfectly together to cleanse, repair and rebuild your hair 24x7. Enjoy thicker and stronger hair with regular use**.

    Key ingredients include the Peptide BioX Complex and ARGANplus complex.

    *Based on clinical studies of applying Hair Regrowth Serum twice daily in healthy volunteers between ages 21-45 for 3 months.

    ** This product(s) will not regrow hair in completely bald spots. Hair regrowth requires active follicles with some hair visible for regrowth and density development. Results may vary from person to person.
  • 1. Apply Hair Repair Therapy Oil to scalp. Massage it in and leave it overnight.
    2. Wash hair in the morning with Hair Revitalizing Shampoo.
    3. Pat dry. Apply Hair Regrowth Serum to hair and massage serum until it disappears. 

    Apply Hair Regrowth Serum twice a day. The second time, you can simply wash hair with clean water. Shampooing and oiling can be done daily or on alternate days. If applying oil at bedtime, apply it after you have applied the serum and let your hair dry.

    1. If you have dandruff, clear the dandruff with Clear Scalp Therapy Oil (purchased separately). You can alternate Clear Scalp Therapy Oil with Hair Repair Therapy Oil alternate days.
    2. For styling, apply a few drops of Grooming oil (purchase separately) and style with fingers. 

    In the Box: 3-month pack. 100ml Hair Revitalizing Shampoo (3 nos.), 50ml Hair Regrowth Serum (6 nos.), 30ml Damage Therapy Oil (3 nos.)
  • The 3-month Hair Regrowth Treatment Starter Kit is ideal for men suffering from moderate hair loss due to thinning or male pattern hair loss. It is amazing value for those seeking to give their hair the best treatment. With this kit, you will get everything you need to improve hair in all 3 areas. 1) The Hair Regrowth Serum penetrates deep to improve follicle health, 2) The Hair Repair Therapy Oil improves scalp health, and 3) The Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and the Hair Repair Therapy oil combined improves cuticle health. Use the hair regrowth serum twice a day. All it takes is 10 minutes a day and possible wonderful payoff of having softer, stronger and thicker hair.

    • Repairs damage to hair roots
    • Promotes hair regrowth
    • Reduces effects of hormones know to lead to hair thinning
    • Smoothens damage to cuticles
    • Hydrating agents improve scalp and hair health
    • Provides proteins, vitamins and healthy fats for optimal hair health

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