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Hair Skin Protection Kit

  • The Hair and Skin Protection Kit prevents dull skin and hair due to sun and environmental damage. Glowing skin and shiny hair makes you look healthy and youthful. The natural bio-actives and phytonutrients have prevent and reduce cell damage. The day cream comes with built-in sun UV protection and Grooming Oil hydrates your hair.

    Key ingredients include skin lightening agents, UVA/UVB block, Morus Alba extract, Cinnamon extract and multi-minerals. The Grooming oil contains finest Argan Oil, Lemon Oil and Vitamin E.
  • Daily Regimen
    1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser and apply Brightening UV Defence Cream during day time.
    2. Wash hair and pat dry. Apply a few drops of Grooming oil to hair length. Style with fingers

    In the Box: 30ml Brightening UV Defence Cream, 30ml B.LAB Grooming Oil

    1. Use Clarifying Skin Wash (purchased separately) to remove dead damaged skin cells.
    2. Use Hair Repair Therapy Oil leave on treatment to repair dry, frizzy or colored damaged hair.
  • Ideal for men who spend more than 15 minutes out in the sun. Daily sun exposure damages and darkens skin cells by increasing melanin and removing moisture. Similarly, hair also loses moisture and becomes weak and dry. Brittle hair breaks easily leading to hair loss. The kit offers a quick way to not just counter these negative effects, but also improve your overall hair and skin tone.

    1. The Brightening UV Defence Cream has a full spectrum UVA/UVB protection to prevent sun damage. It also contains moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients to hydrate and slow down facial ageing.

    2. The Grooming Oil comes with Argan oil, which is known to offer protection against sunlight. It also includes Vitamin E, a potent anti-oxidant known to reduce cellular damage.

    So, at a very basic level protect yourself every day with high quality practical products and you'll enjoy a lifetime of great hair and skin.


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