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Hair Loss Treatment (Starter Kit)

  • This starter kit will help you prevent hereditary hair thinning from getting worse*. The natural bio-actives in the Hair Regrowth Serum and the Hair Revitalizing shampoo work in harmony to prevent hair thickness from degrading further helping you maintain current thickness and density. With long term use, it is known to rebuild density, thickness and promote regrowth in healthy men**.

    * Based on clinical studies of applying Hair Regrowth Serum twice a day for 3 months in healthy volunteers between ages 21-45.

    ** This therapy while starts improving hair health at the roots right from day 1, visible results may take time. A long term commitment (minimum 3 months) with consistent and proper usage is needed to start noticing visible results assuming good health. Note that results vary from individual to individual.
  • Daily Regimen

    1. Wash hair in the morning with Hair Revitalizing Shampoo. Pat dry.
    2. Apply Hair Regrowth Serum to hair and massage serum until it disappears.
    3. After serum dries, apply Grooming oil (purchase separately) and style with fingers.

    1. Use the Hair Regrowth Serum twice a day to increase thickness in about 3 months.
    2. Use Hair Repair Therapy Oil to speed up external hair repair and improve shine and overall quality.
    3. If you have dandruff, use Clear Scalp Therapy Oil to reduce dandruff so the serum is able to penetrate the scalp better.
    4. Apply Grooming oil to protect hair from sun damage and improve softness(purchase separately). Apply after serum dries and style with fingers.

    In the Box: 100ml Revitalizing Shampoo (3 nos.), 50ml Hair Regrowth Serum (3 nos.)
  • Thinning hair or male pattern hair loss is complex to treat due to hereditary or hormonal effects on hair roots. In men, hair thins because hair roots have gotten on the slippery path of damage and death. Once follicles are dead, it is not possible to reactivate growth. Therefore, it is important that hair thinning be immediately slowed down, stopped and ideally reversed (regrowth) to the maximum potential possible with the B.LAB Hair Loss Treatment. Response to the B.LAB Hair Loss Treatment will depend on how active your follicles are, your overall health and how consistently and constantly you apply the product. Proper use, patience and realistic expectations are necessary for success with this product. We have bundled this value add kit to help you save money and make this treatment part of your daily life over the long term. We strongly recommend you sign up for our loyalty program so you can get even more savings.

    • Reduces rate of hair miniaturization
    • Blocks hormones known to progressively thin hair
    • Improves hair roots from within
    • Strengthens hair from the outside.
    • Improves overall scalp health

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