NF90 - Fabric Self-Sanitising Disinfectant

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Want the assurance of 24x7 protection from germs? Now, NF90 provides protection for your fabrics and textiles for upto 5 washes  from virus, bacteria, mold and fungi. Proven to be 99.9% effective against germs. Just one application continues to kill germs on contact for up to up to 5 washes. 

Broad Spectrum Formula
Safe around humans, plants and pets
Colorless and odourless
Water based. No alcohol.
Doesn’t mutate germs
Invisible nano-coating
Doesn't alter colour and feel
Doesn't alter vapour permeability
Each Litre makes 50 Litres treatment solution.

Where to use:
Any fabric or textile experiencing frequent use and exposure and require frequent disinfection such as face masks, clothing, uniform, personal clothing, formal wear, bed linens, towels, pillow cases, shower curtains, decorative curtains, etc. Can be used in office, medical and manufacturing settings as well. 

Manual Wash: Shake well before use. Remove required NF90 to make a dilute solution of 2% in water (20 ml for each litre of water). Dip the fabric or textile into the solution. Let sit for 10 minutes and dry normally. For heavy items, spray until saturated. 

Machine Wash: NS90 can be added to the rinse cycle. For typical 6L washing machine, add about 120 ml during the rinse cycle.

Caution: NF90 should not be mixed with soap in any form or shape during application. NF90 is not a detergent and should be used separately from the detergent. However, NF90 coated fabrics and textiles can be washed in soap without affecting its effectiveness.

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