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Oil Control Duo Treatment

  • The Oil Control Duo Treatment, made for oily skin, is an easy way to control excess oil and leave your skin feeling clean without dryness or greasiness*. Natural bio-actives, UV protection and a special clay all work together to bring your skin into balance. Enjoy smoother softer skin right from the first application.

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid, Royal Jelly (oil control), Cinnamon Extract, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Multi-mineral complex (Magnesium and Zinc), Kaolin and hydration agents.

    *Based on independent clinical tests done on adult male volunteers who used is as part of complete 3 steps regimen for 2 months. 
  • 1. Each day, after washing face with a gentle cleanser, apply the Oil Control Complexion Gel.
    2. Once a week, after washing face with a gentle cleanser, apply a thick layer of Healing Clarifying Masque for 15 minutes. Wash it away. Apply Oil Control Complexion Gel for day long benefit.

    In the Box: 60ml Oil Control Complexion Gel, 30ml Healing Clarifying Masque

    1. It is important to use a facial cleanser that doesn't dry your skin. Use the Oil Control Skin Wash, specifically made for oily skin to cleanse your face without drying.
    2. Use a night time moisturizer to prevent oil and sweat build. The Skin Balance Night Gel is made for oily skin and extends oil control benefits to 24 hours a day.
  • Excess oil is generated due to overactive sebaceous (oil) glands due to a variety of reasons. Many men simply wash their face with cheap soap or face wash, to get rid of the excess oil leaving their skin dry temporarily. Soon, the skin generates even more oil in response to the dry skin making it even more greasy and irritated. Morever, excess oil disrupts the external skin barrier and exposes itself to more environmental damage. Remember, ordinary products do not balance the overactive sebaceous glands. Here's how B.LAB Oil Control Duo Treatment helps you control oil and gets you on track to achieve great looking skin each day.

    1) The Oil Control Complexion gel penetrates deep into oily skin, which is thicker than normal skin, and turns-off overactive sebaceous glands. This has the effect of maintaining the right oil levels in your face without drying it or making it oily, so your skin stays soft and clear for 8-10 hours post-application. It also has sun screen to protects your skin from sun damage. Not just this, the vitamins and multi-minerals help repair any previous damage and reduce skin sensitivity.

    2) The Healing Clarifying Masque goes one-step further and treats your skin at a deeper level once each week by removing impurities and accumulated toxins, reducing inflammation and sensitivity. Doing this once a week gradually builds strength in your skin leaving it youthful, soft and glowing.

    This simple regimen is great way to invest in your skin and yourself and enjoy the feeling that comes with clear soft skin all day long.


Category: Anti-Acne, Oily Skin

Type: Anti-Ageing