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Open Pore Reduction Treatment

  • This weekly regimen will remove excess oil and impurities in your skin to leave with you a tighter smoother skin clean to the touch. The bio-actives and a special clay combine to reduce oil within one use and balance your skin.
  • Once a week, wash face with the Oil Control Skin Wash. Apply Healing Clarifying Masque for 15 minutes and wash with warm water. 

    After completing the masque regimen, apply the Skin Balance Night Gel a light weight oil control moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.

    In the Box: 100ml Oil Control Skin Wash, 30ml Healing Clarifying Masque.

  • Open pores occur from many reasons including genetics, ageing, excess sun exposure and damage and bad hygiene. Open pores leave you at risk for acne, infections and irritated or infected skin. The Open Pore Reduction Treatment combines exfoliation with deep treatment to improve overall skin tone and tightness, leaving your skin youthful. Here's how it works.

    1) The Oil Control Skin Wash removes excess oil, dirt and bacteria from skin surface. It gently removes dead and damaged skin cells unclogging pores. The natural extracts condition and moisturize your skin for overall glow.

    2) The Healing Clarifying Masque removes deep impurities using a special clay. It repairs cell damage with anti-oxidant and calms skin with anti-inflammatories. It promotes blood circulation improving skin health. It tightens your skin tone and improves all overall complexion by reducing blemishes and acne.

    This simple regimen makes it easy for men to maintain youthful and attractive appearance and avoid premature ageing signs.