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Pigmentation Spot Corrector

  • Pigmentation Spot Corrector is an easy way to speed up lightening dark brown spots right at the surface. Its powerful bio-actives makes it ideal for rapid lightening of dark spots. Much cheaper than laser, it is the first step to achieving even skin tone.

    Formula contains Salicylic acid (willow tree extract), Ecocert certified Whitening Amino Acids, Morus Alba root extract, Vitamin E, Multi-minerals (Magnesium and Zinc) and UV block. 

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete whitening regimen
  • Each day, after cleansing your face, apply B.LAB Pigmentation Spot Corrector to areas where you have dark spots.

    In the Box: 10 ml. Lasts 30 applications.

  • Dark spots occur because of sun exposure. In this case, only small areas accumulate more melanin pigment than others making them looking darker than surrounding areas. Deeper the pigment, longer it takes to lighten. Dark spots make you appear older. The Pigmentation spot corrector works by removing the dead skin cells that are already darkened, and then preventing additional areas becoming darker from sun exposure. Apply the spot corrector as soon you see the beginning of a dark spot. In some cases, the dark spot may become darker as the melanin deep down comes to the surface. But with continued use, your skin will become lighter and more even.

    • Lightens skin without bleaching effect.
    • Reduces dark spots from sun damage
    • Reduces post-acne blemish.
    • Protect from sun damage.
    • Anti-inflammatory. Calms skin irritation.
    • Keeps skin tone even
    • PH balanced. Gentle on your skin.
    • Anti-Oxidants keep skin youthful


Category: Even skin tone, skin whitening, under-eye

Type: Anti-Ageing


Dark spots make you look 5-10 years older. B.LAB Pigmentation Spot Corrector is a powerful treatment to lighten dark spots safely without using bleaching agents. It contains advanced alpha-MSH blockers. Alpha-MSH blockers block melanin before it is even produced. Anti-Oxidants reduce skin damage from sun exposure. Built-in UVA/UVB blockers ensures the skin remains protected as it becomes lighter.