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Acne Marks Clearing Treatment

  • The Acne Marks Clearing Treatment helps reduce acne marks to give you smooth even skin tone*. The full kit includes bio-actives to remove damaged dead cells and correct skin tone in dark spots. In addition, it helps prevent future breakouts from blemishing your face. Enjoy the confidence of clear complexion each day.

    Formula contains Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Lemon extract, Tea Tree oil, Neem, Amino acids, Cinnamon extract and UVA/UVB sun screen.

    *Based on 8 week independent clinical trials with healthy volunteers in age group 21-45.

    1. Wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash (Daily Morning/Bedtime)
    2. Apply Oil Control Complexion Gel (Daily Morning only)

    Once a week, before bed time apply at thick layer of Healing Clarifying Masque and leave on for 15 minutes or until dry. Wash away with Oil Control Skin Wash. 

    1. Apply Skin Balance Night Gel  at bed-time after washing face with Oil Control Skin Wash for a more complete regimen and faster improvements.
    2. Do not step out in the sun without wearing Oil Control Complexion Gel to avoid skin darkening.

    In the Box: 100ml Oil Control Skin Wash, 30ml Oil Control Complexion Gel, 30 ml Healing Clarifying Masque.

  • Acne generates hydrogen peroxide which damages and ages skin faster by 40%. Post-acne marks occur from these damages forming hard scar tissue. This scar tissue when exposed to sun becomes darker in color. The Acne Marks Clearing Treatment works by removing the damaged and dead skin cells and prevents further darkening. In addition, it deep treats your skin with anti-ageing ingredients. Here's how it works.

    1) The Oil Control Skin Wash gently loosens and removes dead skin cells and removes pigmented cells along with it. This improves cell turn-over and develops new skin.

    2) The Oil Control Complexion Gel continues to protect the skin from sun exposure and further darkening.

    3) The Healing Clarifying Masque brings impurities and toxins to the surface healing and nourshing the skin.

    One more thing. Unfortunately acne beats up your skin pretty badly and leaves your skin weak. If you have old marks, but no acne, use Acne Marks Clearing Treatment for atleast 2 months and then switch to a simple Dark Spot Reduction treatment. If you have acne at present, then use the Skin Clearing System for a more complete treatment


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