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Radiance Booster Masque

  • Radiance Booster Masque blocks production of skin darkening pigments and removes melanin deep inside your skin and rebalances your skin*. The potent bio-actives combined with premium clay make it ideal for those who seek fairer glowing complexion or reduce dark spots. Improve your skin and complexion after just 1 use.

    Formula contains Skin Whitening Amino Acids, Morus Alba Root Extract, Vitamin E, and Glycerin. Completely vegetarian ingredients.

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete regimen
  • Once a week, after washing your face, apply B.LAB Radiance Booster Masque in a thick layer to face and neck. Avoid getting into hair, eyes and mouth. Let it dry for 15 minutes and wash away with warm water. Pat dry.

    In the Box: 25 ml. Use once a week.

    1. Apply Brightening UV Defence Cream or Brightening Night Cream after Radiance Booster Masque to hydrate and protect your skin further.

  • Melanocytes in your skin generate brown pigment. Whether you are dark skinned or fair skinned, only 5-10% of your skin are melanocytes. Skin darkness depends on the activity level of melanocyte than number of melanocytes. When ordinary skin creams fail to reach the melanocyte, the Radiance Booster Masque is the perfect answer. Why? Because it does more. 

    1) With its most advanced whitening bio-actives, it reaches deep into the skin to turn down melanocyte activity and rapidly lighten skin tone. 

    2) It repairs cellular damage that comes with skin darkening.

    3) It contains anti-ageing formula and moisturizing agents to restore skin health.

    Its actually 3 solutions in 1 product. So once or twice a week, apply the Radiance Booster Masque, close your eyes for 15 minutes and relax. Let the Radiance Booster Masque boost your skin and your glow.

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Type: Anti-Ageing


B.LAB Radiance Booster Masque is skin lightening masque. It contains advanced Alpha-MSH blockers. turn off melanocytes from generating brown pigment so skin darkening is prevented. Anti-Oxidants help prevent and reverse skin damage. Moisturizing effect reduces skin irritation including redness, swelling and itching.

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