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Redness Therapy Treatment

  • The Redness Therapy Treatment helps control and reduce itching, redness and swelling in sensitive skin. Natural bio-actives work together to calm skin down and reduce inflammation. Enjoy clear and calm skin that lets you carry on your day in peace and comfort.

    All products in the kit are free from fragrance and harmful chemicals or irritants making it ideal for most sensitive skin. 

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid, Vitamin E, lemon extract, neem extract, Oil control ingredients, hydrating agents, multi-minerals (magnesium and zinc), anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.
  • 1. Wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash. Pat dry and apply Oil Control Complexion Gel
    2. Before going to bed, wash face with Oil Control Skin Wash and Skin Balance Night Cream

    ProTip: Once a week, apply the Healing Clarifying Masque (purchased separately) for 15 minutes and wash it away.

    In the Box: 60ml Oil Control Skin Wash, 30ml Oil Control Complexion Gel, 30ml Skin Balance Night Gel
  • Redness occurs from skin reacting to stress, low quality skin care, environment or genetics. In all cases, there is no cure but only treatment. Your treatment includes the following 3 steps. 1) Eliminate all irritants. 2) Protect from sun light and environment, and 3) Keep skin hydrated and treated with anti-inflammatories. Here's how the Redness Therapy Treatment works.

    1. The Oil Control Skin Wash that gently cleanses irritants, dust and bacteria from your skin. It's pH balance makes it ideal for sensitive skin. It also uses Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, which are far more gentler than Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids.

    2. The Oil Control Complexion Gel has UVA and UVB sun screen protecting your skin from irritation and damage. Also, the anti-inflammatories and Vitamin E calm your skin down.

    3. The Skin Balance Night Gel has hydrating agents and anti-oxidants to further calm your skin and strengthen the moisture barrier (sensitive skins have bad moisture barriers).

    Most importantly, all 3 products are free from harmful irritants and contain natural ingredients. Ditch ordinary skin care and switch to the Redness Therapy Treatment regimen for calm and peaceful skin.


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