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Skin Balance Night Gel

  • Skin Balance Night Gel is an advanced night time moisturizer to balance oily skin, clear breakouts, moisturize skin, reverse skin damage and build stronger skin while you sleep. Its finest bio-actives makes it Ideal for those with oily skin or mild to moderate acne. Wake up to an improved complexion and clear smooth skin soft.

    Formula contains Salicylic acid (willow tree extract), Royal Jelly, Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Cinnamon Extract and Multi-minerals (Magnesium and Zinc) and XylitylGlucoside. Completely vegetarian ingredients.

    *Based on 12 week independent clinical trials when used as part of a complete regimen
  • Each day, after cleansing your face, apply B.LAB Oil Control Gel to face and neck evenly.

    Pack Size: 60 ml. Use 1 ml each wash. Lasts 1 month when used twice a day.

  • Whats the biggest problem if you have oily skin? Obviously, too much oil. When you use ordinary moisturizers, it makes your face more greasy. Here's how the Skin Balance Night Gel is different.

    1. Its special ingredients called sebo-regulators simply turns off over-active oil glands, without leaving your skin dry or greasy. In other words, it leaves your skin with just enough oils to keep it healthy.

    2. It hydrates your skin and keeps it healthy

    3. It reduces skin irritation and sensitivity.

    4. It's anti-ageing ingredients keep your skin youthful and soft

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