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Smooth Shave Therapy

  • This pre+post shave combo is the secret to the smoothest shaving experience. The natural bio-actives in the pre-shave skin wash exfoliates - removes dead damaged cells so you can avoid painful ingrown hair. The gentle pre-shave skin wash makes it easy for the razor to move smoothly. Your exposed skin is protected and nourished by the hydrating agents and vitamin E in the Grooming oil. Your skin will have a pleasant citrus fragrance after using the Grooming oil. Enjoy the secret of your smooth shave that impresses others every day.

    Key ingredients include Salicylic acid, Vitamin E, Lemon extract, Neem extract, Argan Oil and many essential oils.

    Both products included in the kit are lightweight, non-greasy and alcohol free, all essential for a great shaving experience. 

  • Your Shaving Regimen:

    1. Pre-shave: Wash your face with Oil Control Skin Wash to exfoliate.
    2. Shave as usual. You can even massage in a few drops of grooming oil before shaving.
    3. After shave, apply a few drops of the Grooming oil and massage it in.

    In the Box: 60ml Oil Control Skin Wash, 30ml Grooming Oil

  • We all enjoy a nice smooth shave. It leaves us with a good feeling. But while shaving, we unknowingly scrap off the very skin layer that protects us from infection, sun damage and environment. Many of us develop itchy sensitive skin from regular shaving. If you wish for a better shaving experience, the Smooth Shave Therapy is the answer. Here's how it works.

    1. The Oil Control Skin Wash has exfoliants in it, which loosen and remove rough damaged skin cells to properly prepare your skin for a smooth shave. This way the razor will spare your skin.

    2. The Grooming Oil is an amazing after-shave natural conditioner - very lightweight and non-greasy. It improves your skin by restoring the moisture and protective barrier. Because the grooming oil is alcohol free, you will feel your skin calmed and soothed quickly without the burning sensation of cheap after-shaves. And you'll enjoy the light citrus fragrance to that of a after-shave with cheap chemicals. And not just this, you protect your skin from germs, bacteria, sun and pollution, so your every shave continues to be smooth one.

    By investing in a high quality shaving experience, you protect your skin from ageing prematurely. Rather than constantly itching and scratching your face all day, you get to focus on other important things that matter in your day. So shave responsibly! :)