B.LAB Advantage Customized and High Efficacy Beauty System
CLEARX - Acne System Free yourself from acne and breakouts with our 3-step, 10-minutes a day regimen that not only clears your face.
GLO - Fairness System Designed to tackle tanning and hyper-pigmentation - GLO, our high potency 4-point pigmentation control and colour improvement system.
PROHAIR - Hair Re-growth Serum Want to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally and safely? Look no further. With PROHAIR's powerful DHT blockers.
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For optimal skin health, eat foods that are healthy and can provide anti-oxidant support such as Vitamin A, C and E.
Fresh fruits and vegetables provide excellent source of vitamins and minerals to fight excess free radicals and inflammation that cause skin irritation and risk of Acne. Avoid foods that can create inflammation, acidity and excess free radicals leading to risk of acne.


This is the second time I am buying CLEARX and that is because my pimples have reduced after using the product. Happy with the extra services that you keep providing me.

I used to lose hair aggressively to the point scalp was visible. After using PROHAIR, hair loss stopped remarkably. I'm referring the PROHAIR formula to my relatives in Dehradun, Nepal and Singapore.

I have used CLEARX since the last 2 months and I noticed that my blackheads and oiliness on the face has reduced significantly. I have consulted many Dermats in the past but never really saw any major improvements, but with CLEARX, it is completely gone now. I am now planning on a monthly subscription plan for CLEARX to ensure uninterrupted skin care for myself.