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2 simple tricks to improve your shaving experience

September 20, 2016

If you are like us, you probably don't enjoy shaving every day, but have to do it daily just so we don't show up to work like cavemen. Shaving is a necessary evil. The downside of shaving daily is that it results in ingrown hair (painful), redness, irritation and itching. Why? Primarily because men's skin is rougher and blades that don't always stay sharp. Now read on to find out 2 simple tricks that can not only improve your shaving experience, but also improve your skin health.

As an active man, your skin suffers damage and gets rougher with time from 3 main reasons.

  • Physical – shaving, rubbing, towelling, etc 
  • Chemical – harsh products, pollutants in the air, bad diet 
  • Sun – UVB rays burn and darken skin making it sensitive. 

Include this in your daily regimen to overcome rough skin and friction.

  1. Prewash: Wash your face before shaving with a Clarifying Skin Wash instead of after. The Salicylic acid in the skin wash will loosen up dead damaged skin. This will leave renew your skin and allow skin care to penetrate better..
  2. Lubricate: Apply a 4-5 drops of the Grooming Oil to the shaving areas before applying shaving cream. Massage the oil into the skin. The Argan oil and lemon oil in the Grooming Oil will replenish your skin with healthy nutrients and Vitamin E to improve your skin health, while reducing the friction to your razor blade. 
Once you have these two basic steps, shave normally. These tricks will make your shave much more smoother and enjoyable. Try this today when you get home and experience a whole new way of shaving. And don’t forget to share these tips with your colleagues and family.


Once you shave, be sure to apply a sunscreen (or the grooming oil again) before you step out to avoid sun damage.

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