Research shows better appearance equates to better success in many aspects of life. Bosses, clients, colleagues and even friends constantly quietly judge your appearance. For busy professionals family, finance and career gets prioritized over appearance. B.LAB was built to make it easy for professionals to care for their appearance. By creating finest quality hair and skin care products designed for effectiveness, safety and simplicity, professionals can now focus on other aspects of their life while looking their best. In short, we help everyone look good, feel good.

Quality Over Quantity

B.LAB builds pristine products with the finest bio-actives. Made by the best bio-tech companies in Europe, the bio-actives are isolated from purest natural sources. Our dermatologists use decades of clinical and industrial experience to blend the perfect combination of these bio-actives so a little amount goes a long way. Our formulas are made for efficacy and safety without trade-offs. We avoid GMO, parabens, mineral oils, bleaches, known carcinogens and chemicals known to irritate or cause side effects. Our product systems are clinically proven.


B.LAB assembles all products in factory certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. Our dermatologists, chemists and engineers ensure every step from ingredient selection to mixing-filling-storing to micro-biological and stability testing passes certification by the Food and Drug Administration. The factory is zero effluent rated facility. Our products are not tested on animals and contain no animal based ingredients. Our packaging is made from recyclable paper and plastic.

B.LAB has sales presence in the Europe, India and middle east.