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THE PROBLEM: Hair loss is the natural process of thinning, shedding and breakage of hair fibres. The reasons for hair loss are many. Nearly everyone faces hair loss at some point in their lives from changes in hormones, diet and lifestyle. However, chronic hair loss, if ignored, may lead to premature balding in both men and women. While a range of solutions from lotions, oils, wigs, surgery and drugs are readily available, many fail with these solutions. Hair loss not only makes us look older but also often results in loss of self-esteem and confidence. More than 90% of adults surveyed said hair loss would affect their social life. Up to 70% of professionals say they would have better career if not for hair loss. So clearly, without taking action, quality of life of a hair loss sufferer can be severely affected. No one should tackle hair loss problems alone. Ordinary hair lotions and oil don’t work, while pharmaceuticals have harmful side effects. With growing social pressure to look good, many hair loss sufferers are seeking effective solutions, which can be used daily without long term side effects.
THE SOLUTION: With the right solution, women and men can boost their confidence, improve self-esteem and regain control. With new advances in technology, researchers have created a new range of solutions called cosmeceuticals, which combine safety and effectiveness. Each cosmeceutical molecule has specific action on hair biology. While some are effective at improving the Anagenic (growth) phase, others shorten the Telogenic (resting) and Catagenic (loss) phase. By combining the right cosmeceuticals such as DHT blockers, vasodilators and anti-oxidants very effective solutions for hair loss are now available. The best science combined with expert advise can deliver the results you seek.

Given these trends, B.LAB’s dermatologists and hair care experts with more than 30 years experience combine the power of best cosmeceutical technology with the assurance of expert advise to deliver life altering results.

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