• Track order
Check the dispatch notification email you have received.


I have not received any emails?

Check your spam box. Sometimes, email notifications will end up in your spam or junk folder. Add "" to your contact/white list so you can see these emails.

How do I track my order?

Once you receive the AWB number, visit this page and put the AWB number in the track order box. It will show you where your package is.

What is a "Delivery Failure" notice?

If you have received a delivery failure notice, it means that courier attempted a delivery to your door and either you or no one else was there to accept delivery or the address was wrong. Sometimes, the courier company may make a mistake and visit the wrong address. It happens. Don't stress. Simply contact us at and we will take care of you. :)

What is "Return to Origin"?

RTO or Return to Origin is just a fancy way for the courier company to say we have returned your package to the shipper. If you get a notification with RTO, get in touch with us at "".