Four out of seven people run the risk of premature hair loss and/or skin problems − a highly personal and often deeply distressing problem. But 90% don’t do anything! You are one among the 10% who has taken action and done the hard work. Now you can inspire others to take action, to follow in your footsteps and see the results you have seen – sooner rather than later. We want to tell your story.

As a valued B.LAB customer, we hope you will share your story – your journey and insights with a wider audience. Many people are unaware that there is an effective solution, and your story may give them hope that they can have renewed confidence in their appearance. As a token of our appreciation, we’ll send you a free gift or coupon valued at INR 1000.

The steps are very simple. First visit our Facebook page to tell us about your experience and the results you have achieved with B.LAB products. Second fill out this contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch to assist you with your free gift.

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