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THE PROBLEM: Acne can occur not only on the face, but can occur on the neck, back and other parts of the body for various reasons - hormonal, blocked pores, wrong cosmetic products or immune reaction. However, acne left untreated can variations can cause disfiguration, skin ageing, scarring and in some cases pain and swelling. A range of solutions including creams, antibiotics, injections and small surgical procedures are available to reduce acne and clear skin. These treatments can have side effects from skin dryness, irritation to increased sensitivity to sun. Cosmeceuticals are new way to tackle acne safely. Acne and its subsequent effects have significant impact of physical symptoms and emotional health, with poor self-image, and self-esteem issues. In one study, 70% with acne reported trouble with carrying daily activity due to embarrassment, 68% reported avoiding socialising, and 75% had interpersonal problems including teasing, marriage and employment concerns. So clearly, without taking action, quality of life of a person facing acne can be severely affected. No one should tackle acne alone. With growing social pressure to look good, many men and women are choosing effective solutions that can be used in the long term without side effects.
THE SOLUTION: With new advances in technology, researchers have created a new range of molecules called cosmeceuticals, which combine safety and effectiveness. Each cosmeceutical molecule has specific action on skin biology. While some are effective at increasing cellular turnover and control sebum production, others reduce ROS damage and repair damaged skin at a cellular level to prevent clogging, infection and scarring. By combining the right cosmeceuticals in the form of hydoxy acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants and oil control molecules, a very effective solution for treating acne is now available. vWhile going to a doctor or opting for laser procedure can be very expensive and inconvenient, high quality products delivered with same expert advice can deliver the results you seek.

Given these trends, B.LAB’s dermatologists and skin care experts with more than 30 years experience combine the power of best cosmeceutical technology with the assurance of expert advise to deliver life altering results.

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