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Apply. Activate. Repeat

The 3 keys of B.LAB – apply, activate, repeat – recognizes the benefits of active ingredients and its positive effects on youthful appearance.

Past the age of 25, sun exposure, chronic stress, genetics, and lifestyle alters bio-activity in skin layers of women and men. Researchers have discovered even a small change in bio-activity may result in excessive melanin production leading to hyperpigmentation and skin damage. So timely activation of this cellular bio- activity is necessary, achieved through daily application of bio-active ingredients.

B.LAB Skin Brightening System is a multi-functional skin care solution designed to reduce pigmentation and dark spots, improve skin tone and brighten skin complexion. It uses integrated bio-active ingredients such as hydroxy acids, ceramide complex, hyaluronic acids, vitamins, proteins, phyto-nutrients and vegetal whitening actives known for timely re-activation of skin repair and regeneration. The new transdermic formulation is exclusively designed to activate cellular turnover at upper epidermal layers and suppress melanin production at deeper dermis layer for a bright glowing complexion. Having B.LAB By Your Side offers the assurance that optimal bio-activity is within reach.

Recommended for:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Tanned and/or dull skin
  • Post-acne scarring (PIH)

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