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5 simple ways to be more attractive at work

August 14, 2016

Who says only women require skin care? As men, we got our share of the problems  - tanning, acne, patchy skin, razor bumps and cuts happen everyday. We are all guilty of going to work  looking like Mr. Franky Stien and scare the s**t out of everyone.

Yes, we know… we got you to read this article mentioning something about being more attractive. It's time to learn a thing or two from women when it comes to looking attractive. It's simple really. Get yourself a good quality range of skin and hair care.  Warning for married men, don't think of stealing your wife's skin care, unless you are really really brave!

Do these 5 things. Appear More Attractive and Professional and in control

Skin Wash: Throw away the bar soap and cheap cleanser. Please… they are nothing but glorified laundry detergent. On average you are washing your face 700+ times a year! Invest in a skin wash with a gentle exfoliant like Salicylic acid. Wash twice daily to remove dead damaged skin cells and renew fresh skin. Select a skin wash with calming and hydrating ingredients so your skin doesn't feel dry and itchy during the day. The last thing you need as an adult is a pimple that draws attention…

Shaving Gel: When you shave, you basically remove dead skin cell or to use fancy words - exfoliate. Ordinary shaving gels or creams just soften the hair, but don't do anything for your skin. A high quality shaving gel not only softens facial hair, but also loosens hardened dead skin cells hiding under the stubble. A hydrating and moisturizing shaving gel keeps your skin lubricated helping you avoid cuts and razor burn (ouch). So get your day started the right way with a high quality shave gel.

Moisturizer: 70% of our body is water. Maintaining the right water levels in your skin makes you look healthy, glowing and youthful. For oily skin, use a high quality oil control day-time moisturizer that hydrates your skin.  Apart from hydrating, your daily moisturizer also protects you against dust, pollution and sun exposure. For dry skin, use a brightening moisturizer to restore softness and smoothness to your skin.

Sun screen: Do you look older than your age? Well, avoiding sunscreen may be the reason as sun exposure ages your skin faster than you can sun screen. Not completely true, but close… Going out in sunlight, even on cloudy or cold days, is a recipe for ageing. It darkens and burns your skin hence protecting from both is very important. Use a broad-spectrum UV protection to avoid stop both burning and tanning.

Night Cream: Yes, once again your mom was right. You need sleep. Your body rebuilds when it rests, in other words when you are snoozing…  back to skin care… give your body some help to repair and rebuild skin structure. Invest in a high quality night cream  with peptides and anti-oxidants to will keep your skin glowing. With that good looking skin, maybe your wife will be more than happy to pay attention… Your night cream should be able to reverse damage, hydrate and rebuild skin and give you a smooth skin without any acne and breakouts.

Include these in your daily regimen and you are half way through looking like your favorite celebrity.



#1 Use only high quality moisturizer with built in UV protection so you can kill two birds in one stone -  not that we are encouraging you to kill birds. :)

# Now you can throw around terms such as exfoliate, peptides and anti-oxidants to your colleagues and watch them become impressed by your new-found knowledge of hair and skin!


BTW, all B.LAB hair and skin products are cruelty free, comes with exfoliants, peptides, anti-oxidants and more…

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