How to Achieve Glowing Skin Complexion

How to Achieve Glowing Skin Complexion

October 20, 2017

Why Skin darkens...

Skin darkening, also known as hyper-pigmentation, is a form of skin ageing which occurs because of excess sun exposure. In some, hormonal imbalance will create sensitivity to sunlight. Melanin, a brown pigment in your skin increases to protect your skin cells from UV damage. In the process, your skin gets darker. In some men and women, skin gets darker only in patches leaving an uneven patchy skin tone. 

How to lighten skin color

Lightening skin tone safely needs more than one cream. It requires a complete well-thought out system. This system should do the following:

  1. Remove existing dark skin color
  2. Stop skin from darkening again
  3. Repair skin damage from UV exposure
  4. Treat to strengthen weakened aged skin 


Want a complete, safe and effective system? Introducing...

NEW B.LAB Beauty Boost

with powerful NEW natural skin lightening ingredients

Lighten skin with not 1, but 4 powerful actions 

Damaged skin cells

1. Remove Damage Skin Cells: Through exfoliation, you will remove layers of darkened skin to get new glowing healthy skin. B.LAB Beauty Boost uses a gentle exfoliant to safely remove the damaged skin without irritation or side effects.


hormonal imbalance and melasma

2. Balance Skin: B.LAB Beauty Boost will leave your skin balanced and even out your skin tone. This is much safer than bleaching and has zero side effects.

UV damaged skin

3. Protect from UV damage: By blocking the skin from UV rays, skin cells are less sensitive to UV exposure. By blocking both UVA and UVB spectrums, your skin gets full protection from damage and darkening. Shop sun screen.

cell repair and rejuvenation

4. Repair and strengthen skin: All the sun exposure over the years results in damage and inflammation. Through a special cocktail of calming and strengthening ingredients, the B.LAB Beauty Boost rebuilds your skin strength. So after just one session of beauty boost, you have a stronger and firmer skin that can protect itself better from any future damage.

A Complete, Safe and Effective Solution

Complete: By providing you a full regimen, you get the most complete solution, unmatched by anything else.

Safety: Used daily, the natural ingredients to restore your skin's normal function, you get the peace of mind of a 100% safe solution that has zero side effects.

Effective: You get the most effective solution developed by dermatologists based on decades of clinical experience.

Since 2011, B.LAB skin care products have been preferred by men and women as their preferred choice for safe skin whitening. For as little as Rs. 40 a day, you get best of class products developed by top doctors to reverse skin darkening and boost your skin glow and radiance. 


Shop Beauty Boost

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