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Selecting the right shampoo

August 14, 2016

Men. We do a ton of research, when buying a smart phone, buying car, etc. Then in other matters we are impulsive. Picking a shampoo happens to be one of them. If you are the average male, you'll walk into a store grab a few shampoos, smell them (hopefully not at the same time), look at the price - grab a shampoo that doesn't smell too "girly", costs as little as it can and walk out. Perfect! You just managed the get the shampoo that most likely ruins your hair. The right shampoo is not just for women. Shampoo, if not chosen wisely will do more harm than good. So lets help you fix it today.

First, the reality. Not all shampoos are made the same. Not all shampoos are made to the highest quality. While the most expensive shampoo may not necessarily be the right shampoo, avoid the cheap shampoos and invest in a good shampoo. Fact is, cheap shampoos are cheap for a reason - they are primarily no different than your average laundry detergent.

Selecting the right shampoo for your hair type

Thinning Hair

Hereditary, hormonal, stress or nutrition deficiency may thin your hair. Its best to select a shampoo with ingredients that can promote hair regrowth. Remedy: Use shampoo with ingredients that promote hair regrowth and volume (hydrating agents).

Fine Oily

Hair Oily hair could be due to your scalp generating too much as a response to the wrong type of shampoo you are using. For example, if you use a cheap shampoo, it may be stripping your hair of all oil. In response your body generates more oil to compensate.

Remedy: Use shampoos with Panthenol . Panthenol attracts moisture and has a volumizing effect.

Curly Dry Hair

Dry hair is the opposite of oily hair. When natural oils can't get to the hair tips, it will result in dry hair. Remedy: Use shampoos with Argan oil, which not only provides oil content, but also hydrates your skin.

Damaged/Colored/Treated Hair

Dry hair is the opposite of oily hair. When natural oils can't get to the hair tips, it will result in dry hair. Remedy: Use shampoos rich in Argan or olive oil, as they moisturize and nourish your hair with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant to repair free radical damage.


If you hair has dandruff, it could be due to dry scalp (excess dead skin cells), excess oils, contact dermatitis (allergic reaction to hair care products) or yeast infection ( Malassezia yeasts).

Remedy: First get the dandruff cleared with a shampoo containing anti-dandruff treatment. These could be either Ketoconazole or Zinc-Pyrithione (ZPT). Both are known to combat yeast. Once dandruff is gone, revert to using a regular shampoo that's right for your hair type.

  • Ketaconazole combats yeast
  • Zinc-Pyrithione combats fungus and contact dermatitis

And if you want a great all around shampoo with hydrating, moisturizing and with hair regrowth ingredients, then check out the ArganPlus shampoo in our product catalog. We have designed it to remove the hassle of selecting shampoos.


Rotate your shampoo once every month.

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