Top 10 Reasons to Use Hair Boost Serum

Top 10 Reasons to Use Hair Boost Serum

January 02, 2018

Wanting better hair and just sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting to do something? We give you 10 reasons to stop procrastinating and get on your way to better hair and happier you.

1. At home treatment

The new Hair Boost Serum is the perfect nutrition when you want beautiful hair. Hair Boost Serum is a quick, easy and economical way to get clinically proven treatment at home. Simply use it once or twice a day. 


 2. Visible Results

Get amazingly instant effect. With every use, your hair root will become stronger. Enjoy thicker hair with right levels of moisture. Amaze others with volume and density like never before.

3.  Works With Your Body

Hair Boost Serum is made from advanced bio-actives. The Hair Boost Serum works by encouraging your body to do what it already knows.  Its small size allows treatment to reach deeper into the skin boosting your beauty instantly.

4. Uses Nature's Power

Made from pure ingredients derived from plant sources known for hair regrowth, the Hair Boost Serum is free from parabens, preservatives or other harmful chemicals. Hair Boost Serum is the gentlest treatment you can use.

5. Proven European Bio-Technology

European bio-tech companies are leaders in hair care. Hair Boost Serum is designed and developed in collaboration with top European Researchers. Each active ingredient has been put through rigorous clinical trials to prove beyond doubt the efficacy of the product.

6. Designed by Professionals

The Hair Boost Serum is dermatologically tested and clinically proven. Preferred by top European hair experts in delivering superior hair treatments. Stability, Efficacy and Safety are at the heart of the Hair Boost Serum.

7. Works for everyone

Hair Boost Serum works for men and women equally. In men and women with thinning hair, it boosts density and coverage. In men and women with hair fall, it increases root strength and hair fiber. In new moms, pregnant or post-menopausal women it controls hormonal hair loss with zero side effects.

8. Use 365 Days a Year

Hair Boost Serum is designed for  year round use. Your hair roots require attention throughout the year. In winter, it protects your hair from winter brittleness. In summer, it repairs and protects hair roots from UV damage. In monsoons, it balances moisture. Use it anytime of the year for a quick boost.

9. Easy to Carry

Hair Boost is designed as a highly concentrated yet light weight serum. Packed in 60ml bottle, it is small enough to fit in a personal bag or pocket. Use at home, office, gyms or on the move. The special pump dispenser with a lock makes it easy to travel with.

10. Easy to Use

The Hair Boost Serum is easy to use. No complicated procedures or steps. Twice a day, simply pump 1 ml serum directly on desired area of the scalp and massage it in until  it disappears. Style hair as usual and let it do its magic while you work, play and sleep.

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