Dark spot and blemish reduction


Dark spots are change in color in your normal skin tone. Some areas of the skin are darker than others, making skin older and damaged. Dark spots can occur on face or body for many reasons. Some common reasons include excessive sun damage, hormonal imbalance, skin infection or post-acne hyper-pigmentation. The reason mainly is due to excess melanin being generated in areas exposed excessively to sun. This includes face, neck, shoulders and hands. 


Area is dark brown (not purple)
Skin has been exposed to sun
Fades with external treatments


Melasma, Age spots, Liver spots, Sun spots, Lentigines, Solar Lentigo


Many don't realize that brown spots are the most common sign of ageing skin. Brown spots can be treated with melanin blocking products. And damage from future UV exposure needs to be prevented. A high quality exfoliating cleanser has to be used to remove dead skin cells.  We recommend you start with the Dark Spot Reduction Duo and continue for atleast 3 months. Then evaluate results.

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Post-Acne blemishes are formed after the acne wound heals and the area is exposed to sunlight. The UV damage makes the area darker resulting in a blemish. The solution to this is the same as brown spot reduction. However, you will need a different product kit because of oily skin. We recommend you use the Post-Acne Anti-Marks Kit every day for a minimum of 3 months. After that evaluate results.

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DO's and DON'Ts

Skin whitening is a controversial subject. You may wish to lighten skin tone for many reasons. There is no right or wrong reason for it. It all comes down to wanting to look better, just like we want to do better at work. At B.LAB, we have some strong beliefs on what's right and what's not when it comes to hair and skin products. 

Regarding Home Remedies

There are a lot of videos and "friendly" advice on home remedies including lemon juice. Our 3 words of advice to you - don't do it! Many of these home-remedies will hurt your skin. For men, although acquiring good skin care may not be a familiar concept, investing in quality products is investing in yourself. The professionals at B.LAB are immersed in this field of expertise and commit a lot of time, energy and money to make the best product possible. This time and money in advanced science and technology can be yours for just a small investment.

Regarding Fairness Creams

The average fairness cream is cheap for a reason. Because its mostly filler material with a cheap moisturizer. Our belief is that you can't solve skin or hair problems with a single product. Here's why. For example, to lighten skin color, you will need to do 5 things. 1. Remove damaged skin cells, 2. Prevent additional UV damage, 3. Block melanin and 4. Rebuild damaged skin. A product can do one of two things effectively, but not all. We recommend you use the right combination of products that are made to work with each other for your skin type.