Hair fall control


Hair fall is excessive shedding of hair. Also, called diffuse alopecia or telogen effluvium, excess shedding occurs due to stress, heredity, disease, taking medications, growth hormones, steroids or going on crash diets. Hard water can clog follicles and increase hair loss. Remember losing few hair every day is normal as this gets replaced with new hair growth.


Hair on pillow when you wake up
Hair in shower after you wash hair
Hair comes out easily when combing
Hair root is visible on one end


Mild hair fall is when you are losing hair in the 100-200 hair fibres each day. Although, this is still within normal, you could be facing hair fall if you have been under stress recently. Remember, it takes nearly 3-9 months after stress events to start losing hair. We recommend you start with the Hair Thickening Therapy Kit (Trial Kit) and continue for atleast 3 months. Then evaluate results.

Caution: Do not ignore early signs of hair fall and it doesn't stop on its own. It may even get worse because of the additional stress of hair loss. Excess shedding is generally a sign of something wrong in your body and therefore takes time for topical treatments to work safely. Go in with the right expectation. 

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If you have hair fall and dandruff, then your hair fall may be caused or made worse by dandruff. Or if you are using a OTC pharma hair tonics, it may be causing irritation and dandruff, which hampers hair fall control. In these cases, we have made a kit that combines treating hair fall and dandruff together.  Use this kit for a minimum of 3 months and evaluate results.

Caution:: If you have visible scalp, you have already lost 50% of hair. Switch to using the Hair Regrowth Serum twice a day for a minimum 3 months.

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Hair fall is not just a cosmetic problem. It is usually a signal of deeper problems within your body. The topical treatments are just tools to help you recover. They are not magic. They can't fix your body if the basics are wrong. Ensure the following are in order.

Hypo/Hyper Thyroid: Thyroid is correlated to hair and skin development. If topical treatment is not working even after 3 months, get your thyroid tested.

Adrenal Fatigue: If you have undergone mental stress (death, relationship, finances, etc), chemical stress (drugs, steroids, improper nutrition) or physical stress (injuries, sickness, hospitalization), then your adrenal glands may be off-balance and slow down recovery. You may need to see a endocrinologist.

Digestive Balance: Hair is 91% protein. If your nutrition is improper or on diets, you'll have slow response to treatments. Get your nutrition and digestive system in order. Eat protein rich, low sugar meals. Include healthy fats. 

Nutrition and Supplementation:

We recommend that you eat high quality foods. This includes foods rich in proteins, healthy fats and fibres. Avoid sugary, processed or packaged foods even when they are labelled healthy. If food is in an packaged/altered form (from its natural form), it is not beneficial for health. Take below listed supplements purely as an insurance policy. Use as directed on package. Remember, as men, we are often impatient for results. With any product usage, consistency and constancy is key. it is important that you stay with the plan even when you do not see immediate results.

Biotin H
Vitamin D3
Omega 6 and Omega 9s