Undereye circles and puffiness

Under-eye dark circles is not one but combination of pre-mature ageing factors. The skin under your eye is much more thinner and delicate. They are the first ones to show signs of ageing. Under-eye circles stick out as eyes draw most attention. So pay attention to the under-eye area and have a good skin regimen to tackle any symptoms sooner than later.


Darker brown skin - sun tanning
Wrinkles and fine lines - ageing
Deep dark purple or blue - blood pooling
Dry skin - lack of hydration
Puffiness - inflammation


UV exposure, Stress, Lack of Sleep,  Genetics Ageing, Hormonal Ageing, Older age (40+), Environmental Ageing (pollutants, smoking)


Brown areas are due to UV exposure. The melanin levels increase in the under-eye area with long term or cumulative exposure to sun. Use a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells prior to apply a moisturizer with melanin blocker.  We recommend you start with the Dark Circles Rapid Lightening Treatment for atleast 2 months. Then evaluate results.

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Puffiness is not a pigmentation problem. Puffiness is because of inflammation and blood pooling in the under eye area. Reduce inflammation by following a skin regimen with anti-inflammatory ingredients and anti-oxidants. We recommend you use the Undereye Brightening Treatment, which contains anti-inflammatories for a minimum of 2 months. After that evaluate results.

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DO's and DON'Ts

Under-eye area is delicate and subject to damage easily. Follow these few basic steps to prevent darkening, wrinkles and swelling. 

Wash skin gently

The under-eye skin has no oil glands and can't produce oil on its own. Avoid harsh cleansers that strip away any oil. Use the Clarifying Skin Wash that gently removes the dead skin cells without drying your skin. Also, ensure you don't rub your eyes when washing or during the day.

Protect from UV

Avoid the thin skin from turning to a crisp. Apply a moisturizer and sun screen. Our Brightening Day Cream is both moisturizing and has sunscreen built in.

Get enough sleep

Without enough sleep, your eyes will swell and look puffy. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and get 7-8 hours of sleep. When swelling has already occurred, use skin care with anti-inflammatory ingredients and anti-oxidants.

Reduce Stress

Stress occurs from many directions. The remedies are common sense. Avoid consuming processed, packaged or sugary foods, avoid smoking (worse for eyes), limit alcohol and meditate. Exercise regularly.